HOC Release Notes (Dec 3, 2020)

This release continues with internal changes to improve the responsiveness of HandsOn Connect public sites. Ongoing work continues in this release to support upcoming improvements to public site search blocks (Stay tuned!).  Here's a few small improvements and bug fixes you'll notice in this release:

Forms Error Message Improvement (HOC3-13085)

When a form you've created is unable to successfully submit, the error message displayed has been "There is a problem with this form."   It turns out however, that the problem may not be in the form itself, but rather, the result of an error in Salesforce that prevents the form from completing its submission.  (For example: the actual error may be in a workflow, process or flow in Salesforce - or the failure to comply with a validation rule or required field).

To improve troubleshooting forms, when the form encounters an error, it will specify if that error is in Salesforce (as opposed to the form itself).  In the case of errors from SF the form error displayed in the CMS will be "This form encountered an error when trying to process the transaction in Salesforce. Please contact your system administrator"

This message will make it easier for form creators to debug errors when using forms on the public site.

Forms: Donation Component: option to Replace 'donate' with 'pay' (HOC3-12789)

The Donation Component that is available in forms, now has the option to replace the word "Donate" with the word "Pay" (in case its a fee rather than a donation).  

Banners and Alerts
Forms: Donation Component: now respects branch logic (HOC3-13130)

The Donation Component in forms was not respecting the branch logic that shows or hides a field in a form.  This has been resolved.  You can now hide the donation component based on the criteria you set in the branch logic.

Forms: Bug fix - Row limits in text fields not being respected (HOC3-13125)

The row limit was not being respected when set for text fields.  This has been fixed.  You can now control how large a text field appears in a form.

Bug Fix: Unusual page breaks in check-in sheets from partner portal (HOC3-13136)

There were some circumstances in which random page breaks were added to the .pdf check-in sheets produced in the partner portal.  This has been fixed.


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