HOC Release (Oct 31, 2019)

Happy Halloween!  This update includes a number of under the hood improvements including updates to user login via facebook, improvements to Chinese translation, and a number of improvements related to working in multiple time zones, and a number of minor bug fixes.

There's a hidden treat too (internal beta only), which we'll be sharing with you in the next release :-)

Here's a few new items currently available for your enjoyment!

ARS / Form Improvements to Branching Logic (HOC3-6917)

The ARS (advanced registration system) and forms continues to become a more powerful tool with continual additions to its branching logic.

New in this release, is the ability to set branching logic based on numeric values.    You can take any field of type 'number' and set branching or display logic based on the numerical result, using equal, greater than, less than, etc.

Volunteer Transcript improvement (HOC3-10136)

In the Volunteer History .pdf that volunteer can download from their account overview page, self-reported connections were being labeled as "Self-Reported Hours".  The transcript will now display the user-defined self-reported name for self-reported connection, just as it is displayed on the Overview Page.

Bug Fix:  Contact not created during organization signup (HOC3-10150)

In some configurations, the Organization Registration page was not creating the primary. contact during organization registration.  This occurred when the 'title' field was not visible in the form.  This has been fixed.


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