March, 2018 Release (March 2018)

The March, 2018 - Spring Release has been slowly rolling out to HandsOn Connect clients during the last two weeks and will continue to be rolled out in the coming week.  This release required us to make some behind the scenes speed ups to your instance of Salesforce, and so we rolled it out to customers at a rate of about 5 customers a day.   You'll know you've received the March 2018 release when you see the shiny March 18 Spring Logo in the upper left of your screen (in SF classic mode).

What's in the March 2018 release?

The March 18 release is a maintenance release that addresses keeping HandsOn Connect compatible with recent changes in the Salesforce Platform. Salesforce is finally retiring the old licenses that HandsOn Connect 2.0 used, and is no longer supporting Salesforce 'sites' which were the platform HOC 2.0 used for the public site. The older, SF partner and VL portals have also been retired.  HandsOn Connect, March 18 updates and cleans up HOC to remove dependencies on these deprecated SF resources.  We've also removed triggers that managed the old 2.0 sharing portal.  

So what has changed for you?

Nothing :-)

This release just ensures that HandsOn Connect will continue to perform all its normal functions and features.  It completes the migration of everyone to the HandsOn Connect 3.0 platform.  In HOC 3.0, your public site, your sharing portal, and the licenses for your volunteers, volunteer leaders and partners are all managed outside of Salesforce in our .net platform, so we've removed HOC components that were previously created for the original version of HOC.

Everything will continue to work in Salesforce for you as before.  And this release sets the stage for our plans to continue to stabilize and streamline HOC in the months to come.

What's in the future?

HandsOn Connect, March 2018 has configuration options that can make it more flexible for organizations using Salesforce with other applications or business needs.  It can now accommodate managing volunteers and partners for organizations that wish to be 100% in the NonProfit Success Pack's Household model, or those who use Salesforce's Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA).  HOC now has far greater flexibility that will make it possible to work with existing and future clients who wish to expand their organizational use of Salesforce beyond volunteer management.  Contact us as [email protected] if you'd like to work with us to broaden your organization's Salesforce needs.

System Administrator FYI:

As part of the March release, we've simplified the process for organizations that wish to allow a single contact to log into the sharing portal and manage opportunities and volunteers for more than one organization.  To do this, we've activated for you the account setting that allows users to relate a contact to multiple accounts, and installed the custom field "HOC Access" to this native SF object.

If you do not have an immediate need tor a sharing portal user to manage multiple accounts - there's no action you need to take.  This new object can remain quietly off your radar :-)

If you do however, have a need in the future to have partner contacts manage multiple organizations, there's a short speed-up you'll need to do.  Simplified instructions for this speed-up needed to use this feature can be found here.




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