HOC3 Release Notes 3.0.32, Aug 10, 2017

A number of great useability improvements in the sharing portal and the public site are contained in this release. There were also additional improvements made to the mobile layouts for various HOC theme / templates, and to the Compliance Module add-on.  Here are the highlights in this release.

Improved search filter for "Appropriate for: Age" (HOC3-1906)

The search filter for "Appropriate for:  Age of Volunteer" previously was a blunt instrument that allowed you to select an age range.  The search results were innacurate within some of the age ranges you could enter.  

In response to a long time feature-request, this filter has been improved and now allows you to enter a specific age, and the search results will return volunteer opportunities where that age would be able to attend the project, based on the "minimum age with adult" and "maximum age" parameters set for the volunteer opportunity.


Volunteer Opportunity Questions now available for ISO - Express Interest Only (HOC3-1986)

The ability to administratively add 'custom questions' to a volunteer opportunity had previously been limited to date and time specific opportunities.  It's now possible to add custom questions for Individually Scheduled Opportunties - Express Interest Only.   This gives additional strength to the use cases for ISO-EIO.

Note: It is not possible to add Custom Questions to ISO - Express Interest with Schedule.  The reason for this is a volunteer can create many connections at once with this opportunity type - and you would wind up with far too many answers having to be created.   So custom questions are limited to Date & Time Specific (full sign up / express interest), and ISO - EIO)   (If this is critical - it IS potentially possible to use the Advanced Registration System add-on to add custom questions through a form - to any volunteer opportunity type.

Also:  Custom Questions can only be created by an administrator on the back end. Custom questions are not available at this time in the sharing portal.

Sharing Portal improvement: The irrelevant and confusing start and end date of volunteer opportunities is no longer displayed (HOC3-2870)

Sharing portal users have been confused by the mismatch that often exists between the 'start date' of a volunteer opportunity - and the actual start date of its occurrences.   For this reason, we've removed the misleading 'start date and end date" in the volunteer opportunity detail page.

The correct place to see when an opportunity takes place (and the one used on the public site), is in the OCCURRENCE record.  

The Start Date and End Date of a volunteer opportunity are hidden parameters that determine the range that occurrences can occur within.  To lengthen the end date of an opportunity - you should always edit the end time of the occurrence (for ISOs) or add additional occurrences (for Date & Time Specific Opportunities).

Older HOC customers may still have the Start Date and End Date of a volunteer opportunity visible in Salesforce in the VO page layout. We recommend removing these from the page layouts as they are for system use only and do not return useful information to you.  Always look to the occurrence(s) to see the date(s) of the volunteer opportunity.

Sharing Portal: Improved logic when administratively adding connections set in the past. (HOC3-3740)

Good news for sharing portal users who administratively add connections for past dates to Individually Scheduled Opportunities.

In the past, when you administratively added a connection, it was automatically set to 'confirmed' status, but then in order to report attendance, you had to find the connections you added, and then go to 'report attendance' and marked them as attended (which then recorded their hours).

Given that one would never be putting in connections for past dates to just mark them as 'not attended' -- we realize that the real reason people add connections in the past -- is that they didn't have those connections in the system - and now just want to administratively track who attended.

So now -- when you administratively add a connection iwth a past date -- the system will automatically create that connection in status = confirmed,  attendance status = attended (and hours verified) - and calculate the hours!   This will make it much faster to administratively add connections that have already taken place.

(Adding connections for the future administratively, will still place them in status = confirmed, and attendance status = please verify).   Only connections in the past will be assumed to have attended.

Sharing Portal: Cancel action removed for Individually Scheduled Occurrences (HOC3-3802)

in the 'action' column, there has been a cancel link for ISO opportunities.  However, ISOs cannot be cancelled and clicking on this link generated an error.  We've removed the misleading link so portal users won't think they can cancel ISOs.

You can still cancel Date and Time Specific Occurrences.   Doing so updates all the connections to status = cancelled and notifies the connected volunteers that the occurrence has been cancelled.

The reason you can't and don't want to 'cancel' Individually Scheduled Opportunities - is that doing so would update every connection in the occurrence, including past connections where the volunteer had already been verified as attended.  (All the connections are tied to one occurrence in ISOs)

You never want to 'cancel' an ISO opportunity.  If you simply want it to no longer appear published on the public site, edit the occurrence record and change the end date to yesterday!   That'll unpublish it!

Sharing Portal Bug Fix: Organization primary population served can now be set to 'other' (HOC3-3900)

During partner registration, it was possible for a partnjer to select 'other' as their primary population served.  However, when editing in the 'my organization' tab - the 'other value wasn't available, and if you had registered with it - it no longer appeared. This prevented you from saving the record.  This has been fixed.  Other is now available for those who require a value for "Primary Population Served".

Sharing Portal: Help text improved for 'image' if displayed on volunteer opportunity creation page (HOC3-3990)

On the create volunteer opportunity page, the 'image' field, which is displayed for users in the 'featured opportunity block' pilot, has had its help text updated.  It explains what the image is for, and recommends a size of 350 x 350 pixels (square) in size.

See this article for more information on images used in the featured opportunity block.

Sharing Portal: My organization contacts improvement (HOC3-4085)

The "My Organizations Contacts" list was added to the "My Orgnaization" tab in the last release.  This list of contacts now includes all staff members associated with your organization, and additionally now shows anyone from other organizations who has been granted the right to log into your sharing portal.

For more information on giving a contact access to more than one organization, see this article:

Sharing Portal: Reporting Improvement (HOC3-4197)

Some reports run via the sharing portal were not returning data as expected.  Updates have been made to make a wider range of reports compatible for the sharing portal.

Tip:  What report types work in the sharing portal?

Any report that is shared via the sharing portal must produce records that always include one of the following objects:

  1. Volunteer Opportunity
  2. Occurrence
  3. Connection
  4. Location
  5. Recurrence

That's because in order to share the correct data with a partner - it must have a field that identifies the 'managing organization' associated with the record.

Here's an example of a report that can't be shared in the sharing portal.

Contacts Only    (however you can run a report that is Contacts with Connections and it will run fine.  On the other hand, Contacts, with or without connections will not run!   (as it would attempt to show contacts where this isn't an associated connection), and wouldn't know which contacts to share.

Forms: Improved Click & Pledge integration (HOC3-3861)

The Donation Block available for forms has had improvements to increase its useability in conjunction with Click & Pledge.  The fields Campaign ConnectCampaignAlias, SKU, and Tracker Info from Click & Pledge are now available for use with the HOC form.


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