HOC3 Release Notes: 3.0.31 (July 27, 2017)

This release includes a number of behind the scene improvements including greater security for files uploaded via the form builder and improvements to site templates.   This release also features a long awaited new feature and a few other visible improvements.

Sharing Portal: Ability to view and manage your staff contacts, and request portal access for additional staff members. (HOC3-3680)

It's nearly ready! The ability to view, edit and manage your organization's staff contacts, create new staff contacts, and request portal access for additional staff members.

(NOTE:  This functionality must be activated for clients one at a time and we're giving it a few final tweaks.  It should be available for eeryone no later than Monday, July 31.  Don't panic if you don't see it yet.  It's coming!

You'll find this new grid in the lower half of the "My Organization" page

See this article for full details

Improvements to Mobile Calendar (HOC3-3811)

In the last release, we rolled out our new, easier to use and read mobile version of the calendar.  In this release we've added a few of the features that are available in the full view of the calendar including:

  • Dates in the past appear as 'grayed out'
  • Color legend is displayed, and opportunity links are color coded to indicate projects, activities, special events, and full projects.
Bug Fix: Registration questions of type number not displaying (HOC3-3813)

It was discovered that Custom Registraton questions with the field type of 'number' - were not displaying in HOC 3 sites.  This has been fixed.

Verified Volunteer Restrictions now applied to Teams and ISOs (HOC3-3373)

Improvements have been made to Verified Volunteer integration for those customers using Verified Volunteers.

Minimum Requred levels of verification will now be applied to team signups and signups for Individually Scheduled Opportunities.

Be aware that this will make it difficult to create a new team and sign up team members for opportunities that require VV background checking.  We recommend turning off team sign-up for opportunities that require background checks.  

However - if you leave team signup on - then only team members who have created accounts, and had a background check conducted, will be able to be signed up for VV-required opportunities.


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