Help Site for Partners Now Available

Because your partner organizations do not have access to documentation in the Zendesk Help Center - we've created a site, just for partners, that gives complete documentation on using the Partner Sharing Portal.

The documentation is written to take into account the fact that navigation items, fields, and permissions may vary from organization to organization, but  provides overall information on how to use the portal including "creating volunteer opportunities""reporting attendance"  and other features.

How to reach the Partner Portal Documentation

The partner portal documentation can be found at the URL

You can share this info with your partners via email, or better yet, provide a link to it on the partner Home Page that partners see when first logging in.  Just add a prominent hyperlink (and set that hyperlink to open in a separate tab of their browser)

Here's what the new partner help site looks like:

The sharing portal is designed to be simple to use and mostly self-explanatory -- but a little help never hurt anyone :-)

We hope this helps your partners who want to fully explore and understand how to manage their opportunities and volunteers via the sharing portal.


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