HOC Release (Sept 5, 2019)

This release features a significant improvement in team functionality, added flexibility to the check-in kiosk, and improved security for your public site.

One Step Team Creation/Sign-up (HOC3-9017)

We continue to find ways to make working with teams easier for Volunteers.  This new feature will greatly simplify and speed-up processes when someone wants to sign up a team that doesn't exist yet!

Currently, when a team captain creates a new team that they want to sign up for an opportunity, they first had to create the new team, and then after creating the team, they had the additional step of then Selecting the team, selecting the team members they wishes to sign up, and submitting the form again to sign up the team.

The extra step some times confused team captains who thought that the act of creating the team, actually signed them up.  (It didn't),  Even though the system told them they now had to proceed and 'sign-up' the team members, that required an additional step.  Now, HOC will automatically assume that if a team captain creates a new team after clicking on the sign-up button, that they then wish themselves and all the newly created team members to be signed up.   Here's how it will now work!

If a team captain creates a new team, once they submit the newly created team, they will see a pop-up that all the members on their newly created team will be signed up for the opportunity. Clicking submit will both create the team and complete the team signup.  (They also have the option to cancel if they don’t want the entire team signed up or have made a mistake.). But in most cases, they'll confirm the team signup and go right to the success page.

If you’ve enabled the “Allow Reservation of Anonymous Slots” feature for this opportunity or occurrence, they will be taken to the team signup page, with their team already selected, and all their team members opted in for signup — but have the opportunity to also populate the field “Unnamed Team Members” if they want to, before completing the team sign up.

Either way - this new approach will greatly speed up team signup for captains created a new team!   

Kiosk Enhancement:  Option to disable check-ins after 'x' minutes (HOC3-9913)

When activating the check-in kiosk, users will now see a new option:

A new field labeled “Disable Late Check_ins (Minutes) will be displayed. This field can be populated with a number (of minutes) after a volunteer’s connection start time  after which you will not allow volunteers to check-in.  

If you do not want volunteers checking in late via the kiosk  (as may be the case for court-ordered service for example), then enter the cut off in minutes.  

Example: If you enter ’15’ and the connection was scheduled to start at noon.  The volunteer will be able to check in until 12:15

At 12:15 and later, they will instead see the message “Check-in Closed.  We are sorry. Check-in is closed and no longer available.”

If you do not want to cut off late check-ins, just leave this field blank, and Volunteers can check in up to the connection end time.

See this article on activating the check-in Kiosk for full details.

Improvement in Volunteer History - Support for more than 990 connections (HOC3-9900)

In a volunteer's history section of 'my account' - it was discovered that not all connections were always shown.  The reason was there was a limit of 990 connections (for self-reported connections, for example).   While most volunteers are not likely to have more than 990 connections in their history - we've now added support so that these records can be accessed.  A link will appear to get more records if there are more than 990 connections in the volunteer's history!


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