HOC3 Release Notes: (Oct 30, 2017)

This release contains a number of bug fixes and performance improvements including

  • improvements to the Advanced Registration System,
  • improvements to PayPal integration for ARS
  • Improvements to Click & Pledge integration for ARS
  • improvements to uploading thumbnail images for featured opportunity block via the sharing portal,
  • Improvements to public site templates and layouts

Here are the highlights in this release:

Ability to control which filters are displayed in top section of Advanced Search Box (HOC3-5021)

The Advanced Search block now has additional configurations making it possible to turn off fields in the upper section  ("Basic Fields" of the advanced search block that are not relevant to your organization such as "Schedule Type", or 'Distance".

If not displayed - these fields will receive their default value (i.e. - Distance will be set to "Any".  The City & State will be calculated based on the users geo-location which the user must 'allow' when using the site.

We do recommend that you enable EITHER "Show City & State and/or Zip Code" or "Show Location Name Field" .(See 3.045 release notes here about the function and limitations for the "Location Name Field".  

It is not possible to remove the filters "Date From" "Date To" - though the content is automatically populated based on today's date (as the from) and an open ended "To" date.

Bug Fix: EIN Field now supports dashes in addition to numbers (HOC3-5112)

The field "Federal EIN" on the organization registration page  /organization-sign-up has been fixed to allow more than numbers when entering an EIN number (which typically has a dash in it).


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