Release Notes, Jan - Feb 2019

The January / February release of the HOC application in SF has a number of under the hood fixes, which are pretty complicated to explain technically.  Included are updates to triggers that caused errors in some fringe cases. Also addressed were issues related to mass importing data causing conflicts for NPSP users due to batch apex errors related to too many SOQL aggregate queries -- (We warned you this stuff was very geeky :-)  

Here's a couple of the items in this release with easier to understand implications :-)

Bug Fix: Address issues with special characters causing errors in self-reported Volunteer Opportunities (HOCAVV-1206)

There were problems that could occur when a self-reported connection title or description had special characters such as "&".  This fix addreses that and provides support for organizations with & in the name of the organization.

Tracking fields added to Recurrence Object (HOCAVV-1207)

The tracking fields used to identify the creation and modification source of occurrences were not present in the Recurrence object.  That means that occurrences created in the sharing portal via recurrences, were missing this tracking info.  This has been corrected.

For more information on tracking creation and modification of records via the public site and sharing portal, see this article.


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