HOC Release Notes February 2022

HandsOn Connect has updated the HOC application in Salesforce with a new package in February.  This update features a number of security improvements to keep up with changes and critical updates in Salesforce itself.  Additionally, improvements were made to some triggers to avoid system limit exception errors.   Here's a few fixes of note:

Updates made to managed permission sets (HOCSF-1651)

Updates were made to the managed permission sets in HandsOn Connect, (HOC Staff, HOC System Administrator, etc) to address permission issues that arose for some users.  These updates ensure that these permission sets include the needed permissions for HandsOn Connect features for Staff and System Administrators.

Bug Fix: Manually expired opportunities sometimes showing as 'published' (HOCSF-1653)

Improvements were made to the nightly jobs that update the field "Posting Status" to ensure it accurately shows the current posting status of volunteer opportunities and occurrences.  Previously some occurrences were not being updated as expected in the overnight update.

Bug Fix:  Skilled Volunteer Search not returning results (HOCSF-1698)

Some users reported that the skilled volunteer search function for volunteer opportunities in SF was not producing results, even when filters were properly set.  An update has been made to restore the functionality of Skilled Volunteer Search.


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