HOC Release (Sept 19, 2019)

This release has a number of back end improvements, some minor improvements to the donation form, more flexibility in the sharing portal, and new options for the check-in kiosk.  Here's the highlights!

Sharing Portal: Additional fields available for display in occurrence and connection tables (grids) HOC3-9978

In the sharing portal more fields are available to be displayed in the occurrence grid and the connection grid seen in the volunteer opportunity detail page:

The fields "Occurrence Name" (useful if your partners are using occurrence names and descriptions, and posting status (for occurrences) can now be displayed if desired.

If you wish any of the above columns added (or any removed) from your tables, please open up a support ticket.  This is not user configurable, but the support team now can make these customizations for you upon a request.

Check-In Kiosk: New Configuration Option: Allow guests to check-in for invitation code opportunities (HOC3-922)

Here's a new feature that has been requested by a number of kiosk users.  Up to now, only volunteers who had an existing connection to an 'invitation code', private opportunity, could check-in for that opportunity.  Guests would not be able to check in (since it was a 'private' opportunity it didn't appear as an option).

Now, if you PREFER to allow guests to check in for private opportunities,  we can update your kiosk configuration so that guests WILL see private opportunities on the day of check-in.

If you wish your kiosk configuration to be updated to allow guests to check-in for private opportunities, please open a support ticket with the following request:

"Update our check-in kiosk to allow guests to check-in for private (invitation code) opportunities."

Kiosk Bug Fix:  Handling of unregistered team members (HOC3-9763)

A rarely encountered bug has been fixed that occurs when guest configuration #4 (register volunteer), and Teams are enabled.  
If a person, who already has a contact in the system, says they are a member of a team, but has no connection, instead of updating their current contact and making them a team connection, they received a message "“This email address is already registered. Please login using your existing account. If you do not recall the password, click on the ‘forgot password’ link in the login widget to reset your password.”  

Obviously they can't do that in the check-in kiosk. The bug has been fixed, and now in this circumstance, a new connection will be created for this volunteer, as well as a team member record if it didn't already exists.


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