April, 2018 Release

The April 2018 Spring Release of HandsOn Connect fixes a few bugs and improvements to the Volunteer Opportunity Wizard for any organization using the new Flex Configuration of HandsOn Connect.  Here's the two most notable items in this release.

Bug Fix: Opportunity Approval Manager and Partner Approval Manager for organization records. (HOCAVV-1140)

In the control panel, you define the SF user who will serve as the Partner Approval Manager (when new organizations register to become partners on the public site), and Opportunity Approval Manager (who approves and published volunteer opportunities for each of your partner organization).   Once those values have been set, HandsOn Connect automatically had set these default approval managers in every new nonprofit organization record for you.

In the last release, due to changes in internal sharing rules, that automation had stopped working, which meant that in order to grant someone partner staff access, you. had to manually go to the organization record and specify who those two approval managers were.

The bug has been fixed and now once again the fields "Opportunity Approval Manager" and "Partner Approval Manager" will be automatically filled in for you based on these defaults.

Note:  For any organizations that may have registered in the last few weeks while the bug was in effect...  Simply manually populate the two fields "Opportunity Approval Manager" and "Partner Approval Manager"in the organization record,  This will be necessary before you'll be able to grant someone partner staff access to that organization.

Wait List email notification Improvement (HOCAVV-608)

Over the years, we've seen repeated requests in the feature request forum to stop sending emails to team captains who are not on the waitlist, when space opens for a 'full' project. Past practice in HandsOn Connect was to send these emails to all waitlisted connections but ALSO to team captains who had signed up team members for a project.  

Since we continue to get reports that team captains receiving these emails were confused as to why they were receiving these notifications (since they weren't really on the waiting list), we have now updated the trigger that manages this notifications - and the email "Waitlisted Opportunity Now Open" will now be sent ONLY to connections in status = waitlisted.

We've heard you - and are happy to grant this long-requested feature improvement.


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