HOC Release (April 5, 2019)

This release continues to add internal improvements to make HandsOn Connect faster and more efficient. It also includes a number of security improvements.  Also addressed are circumstances in which the use of certain foreign letters such as "é", were creating display issues on some pages.  Here are the highlights of this release:

New Feature:  Section Headers of System Pages can now be edited (HOC3-9122)

The CMS now makes it possible to change the names of section headers on system pages.  For example, on the Volunteer Registration Page if you don't like the section header:  "Basic Info" you can change the header of that section to anything you like.  "Let's Get Started" for example.

You'll find the ability to rename sections in the CMS under Blocks / System Forms and go to the system form you wish to edit.  Header names can be edited in multiple languages if your site is bi-lingual.


New Feature: Multiple Email Templates can be made available in Sharing Portal (HOC3-9173)

When an opportunity coordinator or volunteer leader sends an email to connected volunteers in the sharing portal, there has always been a default email template available (which can be edited before sending).

It's now possible for a CMS user to create additional email templates, with merge fields, should you want to give the opportunity coordinator other pre-formatted emails to send to connected volunteers.

To create a sharing portal email template:

In the CMS, go to Add-Ons/Custom Contact Email Templates, and click on "Create new Custom Contact Email Template"

A form for creating your email template will appear.

1) Give your template a recognizable name

2) Available Role: Specify which profiles should have access to this template. (You can make some templates only available to Partner Staff, and others available only to Volunteer Leaders,   or both.

3) Active:  check this box to make the new email template active in the sharing portal.

4) Default: check this box if you want this to be the default email template available.

5 & 6:  The Subject Line and Body of the email template.

7) A list of merge codes you can use to merge in data from Salesforce objects.  Merge codes take the form <merge code> and will merge in data from various objects associated to the connection.

Click Save to save your email template.

Once your email template has been created:  A new option will appear when selecting connections and clicking on "Email Volunteers"

A new field "Email Template" will be shown - which will enable you to select which email template you want to use:

Bug Fix:  Maximum Waitlist field not respected (HOC3-9192)

One of the advanced occurrence options that are available (albeit, rarely used) is a field called "Maximum Waitlist".   If used, this puts a cap on the number of people who can add themselves to the wait list for a full occurrence. The 'limit' set in this field was not being respected.  This has been fixed.


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