HOC Release Notes (Dec 17, 2020)

This release includes improvements to the management of cookies in subsites, and behind the scenes improvements to manage multiplayered .css for some sites.  improvements were made to performance of listing blocks using date and time fields from SF list views.

Bug Fix:  Permissions for Volunteer Leaders in Sharing Portal (HOC3-13005)

If you have requested that Volunteer Leaders in the sharing portal be given permission to create and edit occurrences - we've improved those permissions so that they can edit all of the relevant fields.  (Previously som fields for editing occurrences were grayed out for volun teer leaders).

Improvement to error display on public site when login is required (HOC3-13181)

The error message '403 forbidden" (used to display pages that can't be displayed for certain profiles) in some cases was appearing on the error page that indicates that a user must be logged in to view the page.  

This has been corrected, so that onlhy the "Please log in" message will be displayed, avoiding possible confusion to the user.

Banners and Alerts
Improvement:  Images uploaded to CMS via add/drop will now be found in CKfinder browser (HOC3-13190)

There are two ways of adding images in the CMS.  One can click on the 'image' icon in the WYSIWYG editor, open the CKFinder and upload images.   The other way is that some blocks have components where you can simply drag an image to upload it ("Add a picture / drop a picture"

The images from these two sources were stored in different ways, making it difficult to find images that were uploaded via add/drop.  Additionally, images added via add/drop were assigned a random file name (the original file name was lost).

Going forward, images added via drag and drop will be searchable in the CK Image Browser and they will be maintain their original file name.

Banners and Alerts


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