HOC Release Notes (Mar 4, 2021)

This release includes the previously announced go-live for "new search".  The Advanced Search block and the Calendar block have now been replaced by the search results blocks labeled "System Default Search" and "System Default Calendar".  For more information on new search, please see the release notes from January 21, 2021.  

Internal improvements were done on the payment component for forms.  And improvements were made to address high utilization of sites signing up large volumes of volunteers in response to COVID related opportunities.

Here's the highlights in this release.

Sharing Portal: Optional filter to search for existing locations by zip code (HOC3-7905)

When creating a volunteer opportunity or new occurrence in the sharing portal, you always have the option of searching through your existing locations or creating a new location.  The filters and search parameters for searching for locations  included location name, street address, city, state, etc.   But it wasn't possible to search by zip code for a location.

Now -- you can request to have the zip code parameter added to your location search if desired.  If you wish to have zip code search added when choosing locations, just open a zip code and request "Please add zip code search for locations in the sharing portal." and we can turn on this new option for you.   (FYI - we can also turn off any of the existing filters by request as well).

Listing Block:  Improved interface for filtering list views (HOC3-13445)

The Listing block is an advanced CMS feature that allows you to bring data from a Salesforce ListView to the public site. We've improved the interface for working with the listing block when the source is set to "Salesforce Views".  The new interface more closely resembles the filtering process for list views as they are seen in Salesforce.

We will be publishing more detailed documentation on working with listing blocks in the coming months.  In the meantime, if you are working with Listing Blocks, feel free to come to one of our daily labs with questions:


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Ability to add custom meta tags to public site (HOC3-13325)

CMS users have been able to define a variety of different standard meta-tags in the CMS.   Go to AddOns  / Sitewide Settings.

In that dialog you have the option of selecting from a list of standard metatags and setting their value by filling in the 'content' value.  You then click 'add meta' and it will be added as a meta-tag site-wide.



New with this release, is the ability to set one or more custom meta-tags.   To do so, select 'custom' and you'll be able to set the name of the custom tag, as well as its content.

Bug Fix: ARS Login branch logic (HOC3-13550)

A bug was fixed where you couldn't build branch logic based on the fields in a contact record at all stages of an ARS login workflow.  This has been fixed.

Bug Fix:  "Select One" was appearing as a picklist value in the field "Main Address Type" (HOC3-13553)

A bug was discovered and corrected where, if displaying the field "Main Address Type" in volunteer registration, one of the picklist values was 'select one'.   This has been fixed.

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