HOC Release Notes (Nov 25, 2021)

This release continues improvements to screen reader functionality, offers security and performance improvements, and offers  new features providing User Interface improvements and additional flexibility in the CMS system.  

Check-in Kiosk Improvement to check-in check out dialogs (HOC3-15037)

The user interface for selecting which opportunity to check in for, required users to click a box, and then also click on a button after selecting an occurrence.  The interface has been improved so i's both clearer, and requires only one click to check-in or check-out for an occurrence.   Each occurrence now has its own checkin or checkout button now.

Notification Center
(Advanced) Use custom session variables to control menu visibility (HOC-15031)

If you are creating custom session variables for use on the public site, you can now use these variables to control the visibility of menu items in navigation.  In addition to the visibility choices of all users, unlogged users, and logged users, you can now select 'logged users by session variables" and use any session variable(s) you've created at AddOns/Custom Session Variables to control who a menu item is visible to.  


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