HOC3 Release Notes (Sept 9 - 13, 2017)

This release brings some improvements to using the sharing portal, the 3.0 public site, and the start of a pilot for QR code check-in for those using the HOC Check-In Kiosk add on.  And oh boy!  A nice new block for easily creating buttons in the CMS!

This release also includes  improvements to forms and the Advanced Registration system when mapped to Salesforce, and improvements to search functionality on mobile platforms.  Additionally there have been small corrections made on typos and grammar in help screens and error messages.

Sharing Portal: Improvement to Navigation (HOC3-3912)

The left menu in the sharing portal has been reordered to bring the most frequently accessed items closer to the top. This small change  (you probably didn't even notice!)  will make it faster for portal users to find the menu items they are most likely to want to access.  The new order (depending on which functions you have enabled for Partner staff and Volunteer Leader) is:

  • Home   (the portal landing page)
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Report Attendance
  • Contacts
  • My Organization
  • Reports
  • Return to Volunteer Portal


Sharing Portal: Improvement to Volunteer Opportunity Listing page - most relevant opportunities displayed by default. (HOC3-4373)

When clicking on the "Volunteer Opportunities" menu item, you are taken to a list of all volunteer opportunities.  They were appearing in alphabetical order, and often the opportunities you were seeing included inactive, archived opportunities, etc.  which required you to do an additional step to see the opportunities you were most interested in looking at.

To speed up relevant results, the default setting for the page when you arrive will be that the filter "Posting Status" will be set to "This is approved and published for volunteers to sign-up".  That way - actively published opportunities will be the default view for this page.

Users can then use the search box or reset the filters to find other opportunities as needed.


Finding specific opportunities is easy once you get used to using the filters and search

You can filter by three different criteria:

  • Posting Status - Quickly find published, archived, inactive, or invitation code opportunities)
  • Schedule Type - Quickly see only Date *& Time Specific or Individually Scheduled Opportunities
  • Registration Type - Quickly find opportunities based on their registration type.

To filter further if you have lots of opportunities of a given type use Search.

  • Search -  type in any word in the opportunity name and it will narrow the list to find that opportunity  (based on whatever filters are currently in place.)  Remove All filters if you wish to search all opportunities by name.
Sharing Portal: Volunteer Opportunity Location clarified (HOC3-3542)

The "Location" that is specified when first creating a Volunteer Opportunity may not be the only location that the volunteer opportunity takes place at. New occurrences can be created to take place at other locations.  To avoid confusion, the "Location" listed in the volunteer opportunity detail page has been relabeled "Default Location" to clarify that this is the location that will be selected by default when you create new occurrences.   But you always have the option of picking a different location each time you create a new occurrence.

Public Site: Opportunity Detail Page improvement (HOC3-4297)

The "Requirements" section of the volunteer opportunity detail page was not displaying all the possible restrictions that an admin can add to an opportunity. The following restrictions (if used) will now appear in the requirements section of the page:

  • Orientation required
  • Background Check required  (if not using Verified volunteers which shows this via a badge)
  • Minor Waiver on File required
  • Court Ordered Volunteer - Allowed"
CMS: New Block Type available: Button Block

Want to add a button in your CMS content but don't have a custom button image available or know the .css to produce a button via the source code?  Tired of losing buttons that don't show up in a WYSIWYG block but are hidden in the source code?   Well, guess what!  We've made it easy now to add a button on a page -- Just add a Button Block!   See this article on how to add a button block.  

Have fun with our easy button-creation tool!  


(Pilot) Check-in Kiosk now offers QR Code (scanning) as a check-in option

We are now piloting the ability for volunteers to print out a HandsOn Connect Access Pass with a QR code that will allow them to check-in via the HOC Check-In Kiosk by having their pass scanned by the kiosk.

If you're a current user of the Check-In Kiosk add-on, and you're interested in participating in the pilot, please open a ticket in the support site requesting that we enable QR check-in for your kiosk.

For more information on how the Access Pass functionality works, see this article in the help center.



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