HOC Release Notes October 2020

These release notes reflect updates made to the HandsOn Connect Packaged application that lives in Salesforce.  Primary features in this release are in support of the new Volunteer Opportunity Wizard Beta (see below), and updates to the 'log in as' feature in contact records, and to improve the reliability of merging contacts in Salesforce.

New Volunteer Opportunity Wizard. (Call for Beta Testers) (HOC3-1360)

In August we announced a new Volunteer Opportunity Wizard option, which offered a cleaner, more modern approach to creating Volunteer Opportunities, by leveraging the Sharing Portal.  Here's a link to a video of the new Wizard in action:


If you'd like to be a beta tester for the new wizard and try it on for size, just open a support ticket at https://support.handsonconnect.org with the subject:  Give us access to new VO Wizard!

In your ticket, answer these two questions:

1) Do you want opportunities you create automatically published as soon as they are created? Or do you want to review the opportunity and manually publish it when ready?

2). What fields from the Volunteer Opportunity and Occurrence objects, not currently shown to your partners in the sharing portal, would you like to have available to you, as a Sharing Portal Administrator,  when you create a Volunteer Opportunity through this new version of the wizard?

In the October Release, we've added additional ways that the new wizard can be accessed.  It can be added as a global action, a tab in Salesforce, a utility bar option, or - with this release - it can be launched via the 'new' button on the Volunteer Opportunity Tab via the new Lightning Component "ForOverrideNewVOBtn".

Don't worry.  You won't lose access to your existing Volunteer Opportunity Wizard while you're trying out the new one.  You can use both and see which one you prefer :-).  We think you'll like the convenience of creating Opportunities (both partner and affiliate managed ones) from the sharing portal - with just a click of this new component.

All Volunteer Opportunity List Views now have a 'New" button (HOC3-1370)

The "New" button for creating volunteer opportunities was only appearing if you had the view "Recently Viewed" and dissapeared if you switched list views.  The New Button now shows up for all views.

New Email Template "HOC Verification Code".  (HOCAVV-1405)

HandsOn Connect's public site now has an email verification process to provide greater security for users.  See this article for more details.

The Email Template "HOC Verification Code" has been added in Salesforce which is used by the public site to send out the Verification Code necessary to register and/or update one's email address.   This email template must remain active in order for a user to successfully register or update their email address:

Bug Fix:  Invitation Code for Occurrence now updates search (HOCAVV-1406)

Adding an invitation code to an Occurrence (or to a Volunteer Event) was not triggering an immediate search refresh.  This has been corrected.  If you choose to set an invitation code (by populating "requires invitation from" field) at the Occurrence Level. (or for all opportunities that are part of a Volunteer Event), the search index will be refreshed and you should see that reflected on the public site in the usual '10 minutes' you're accustoming to see for other changes to occurrences.


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