2.13 Release Patch 8

2.13 Release Patch 8 was deployed overnight on May 22nd and addresses issues with volunteer registration, team creation, AFG Search improvements and Basic Portal enhancements as well as other bugs.

Volunteer Registration Redirect

Volunteer Registration Redirect

So as phase 1 of the One-Step Sign up process, we have implemented a new pair of buttons that will appear on the Volunteer Registration Confirmation Page to direct the user back to where they were before they registered.

For example:

1) A volunteer searches for an opportunity and clicks to sign up and receive the pop-up message that tells them they must log in or register.  

2) The volunteer clicks on the Login button and see that there is a "Not a member? Register." link and clicks that to be taken to the Volunteer Registration Page.

3) When the volunteer completes the registration page and clicks Submit, they are taken to the Volunteer Registration Success Page and will now see a button that says "Return to Volunteer Opp Page" which will guide them back to the Volunteer Opportunity that they were last viewing.

If the volunteer was not a Volunteer Opportunity Detail Page, but instead was on the search page, Organization Detail, etc. prior to arriving at the Volunteer Registration page then they will see a generic "Return to Previous Page" button on the Volunteer Registration Confirmation page.


NOTE: Our plan is to update the pop-up message to allow the user to login or be directed to the registration page directly from the pop-up without needing to go to the Login button in the top right corner.  This should be able to be included in the next full release in late summer.

Team Creation for teams larger than 7 members

  • The team creation issue when creating a team larger than 8 members (Team captain + 7 additional team members/captains) has been resolved and larger teams can be created.
  • Row 8 has been added back into the Team Member form
  • When the volunteer clicks on the "Create Team" button the "Please Wait" screen will flash up quickly and disappear, but duplicate teams can't be created even with the "Create Team" button still accessible.

AFG Search Improvements

These changes only impact customers that have activated the AFG Search Integration.  Haven't made the move yet?  Now is the time.  Open a support ticket and we can bring the power of AFG search to your volunteers.

Search Result Pagination

Search Result Pagination

The biggest improvement to the AFG Search integration is the improvement to the vertical scroll and pagination.   Moving the vertical scroll our of the search results allows volunteers to easily scroll through the available opportunities and see them all on the screen at once.  Plus moving the vertical scroll to the main scroll bar makes the page easier to view and navigate on tablets!

The new "Load More Opportunities" will always appear when they are more opportunities available to search and when click will quickly expand the page down to show the next 25 opportunities.  

Search results still default based on distance from the location provided and when sorting the columns, it sorts against all the available opportunities not just the ones on the screen.  When doing a search the system reloads the search results in the new ascending order based on the criteria selected.  When sorting by the When column, date & time projects will appear first starting with the ones that are coming up first then the To Be Scheduled occurrences after.

Outside Sources

Outside Sources

With AFG search activated, customers now how the option to pull in opportunities from other HandsOn Connect and AFG sources into their main search results.  If you have elected to do this when a volunteer selects a project that is not managed by your HandsOn Connect instance they will receive the pop-up message shown above letting them know that it is a project not managed by you or your partners and the volunteer opportunity will open in a new tab or window so that the volunteer doesn't lose their place on your site.

Other AFG Search Improvements

1) Keyword field has been updated to search using AND when multiple terms are entered.  So when a volunteer searches for "park clean-up" will narrow the search results to those that have both terms instead of either.

2) Occurrences that took place earlier in the day will drop off the search results since volunteer can no long sign up for them to help highlight the next occurrence for that opportunity.  In other words, if you have a project that takes place from 8:00 am- 10:00 am, with the new AFG Search at 10:01 AM this project will no longer appear in the search instead the next occurrence will appear, if any.

3) Using an Invitation Code for your Day of Caring and want to allow volunteers to further filter the results.  Now you can!  With the AFG Search, volunteers can now use keyword, schedule type or any of the advanced filters in addition to the Invitation Code to refine their searches to find the perfect project.

4) When clicking on the "See All Volunteer Opportunities with this Partner Organization" link on the Organization Detail page, some organizations that included "Education" and other general search terms were having problems getting accurate results since it would attempt to locate organizations with similar keywords.  This issue has been corrected and the "See all..." link on the Organization Detail page now functions as expected.

5) Occurrences that took place later in the day were getting dropped off the day view because when converted to Universal Time they were "scheduled" for the next day.  This has been corrected and all Calendar, Day View, and general searches have been adjusted to search based on the local time zone of your instance.

National Search Page

If you have elected to include the AFG National Search page on your site, the Pagination, Outside Source, and other search related changes will be applied to the AFG National Search page next week.

Posting Status improvements

The new trigger introduced in patch 7 was having some order of operation issues when recurrences were involved since both the recurrence and the volunteer opportunity records, when activated, were trying to update the related occurrences causing the posting status to be incorrect.   Improvements were made to the logic of the trigger and posting statuses should reflect accurately whether approving the occurrences from the volunteer opportunity or recurrence record.

Premium Portal - My Organization Page

An issue with the Organization Name on the My Organization page in the premium portal was addressed in this patch.

Basic Portal - Schedule a Volunteer

Basic Portal - Schedule a Volunteer

As part of this patch we are expanding the ability to schedule volunteer for To Be Scheduled occurrences through the Basic Portal.   When scheduling a volunteer for a To Be Scheduled occurrence, the Partner Staff or Volunteer Leader will have the ability to schedule the contact for individual shifts that are non-recurring or have the option to create a recurring shift and schedule the volunteer to come in every Monday for a set period of time and duration.

Connections for To Be Schedule occurrence are still created in Pending Approval status, but this allows you to easily create multiple connections at once.  Auto-confirmation of To Be Schedule connection created by the partner staff or volunteer leader will be added in a future release.

HandsOn Connect Remote enhancement

HandsOn Connect Remote enhancement

HandsOn Connect Remote users can now set a default distance radius for their search widgets.  Widget customers can select "Any,"  "Within 5 Miles," "Within 10 miles," "Within 20 Miles," or "Within 50 Miles" as the default distance radius for their widgets.

HOConnect Remote - Time Zones

The time zones in the widget builder have been update to reflect the safe process used in Salesforce of America/ New York, America/ Chicago, etc. \ This will allow the widgets to automatically adjust for daylight savings time, just as in Salesforce.com.


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