HOC Release Notes (Feb 3, 2022)

This release features continued improvement in accessibility to HandsOn Connect public sites and sharing portal for those using screen readers.

Improvement to Create Form options (HOC3-15354)

The layout of options related to forms has been streamlined to provide a better user experience when creating and managing forms.  Some items that had previously been in the top of the form creation page, have been moved to advanced options.  Things have been reordered and some of the terminology clarified.

Additionally In the HOC release notes we introduced new options that were available regarding whether or not a confirmation message appeared when submitting a form.    All four options for message confirmation mentioned in that article are now available to all users.  By default, a standard confirmation message is shown, but you can opt for no message, an auto-closing allert, or even a custom success page.  You can  customize the confirmation pop-up or page that appears after you submit a form.

The top of the form layout now looks like this:

Inbox — Troutco Office 365 exchange

And the advanced section of the form layout looks like this:



Inbox — Troutco Office 365 exchange
Bug Fix:  Date Picker not working in basic search block (HOC3-15313)

For users who have enabled the ability to search by date in the Basic Search Block, a bug, where the date picker was not always appearing when moving a cursor into the date field, has been fixed.  The date picker will now appear  as expected.

Inbox — Troutco Office 365 exchange


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