HOC Release (July 11, 2019)

This release features continued improvements to HandsOn Connect's search servers (SOLR), internal improvements in the management of teams and team member records, improvements to sites with subsites, and a number of internal improvements. Here are a few visible improvements and fixes of general interest.

Bug Fix: Calendar.  Filter "Type" not works as expected (HOC3-9686)

When filtering the calendar for opportunity by "Opportunity Type" the filter was not working as expected.  This has been corrected and you now can filter by opportunity type (project or activity) if you have that filter enabled in the calendar.

CMS Improvement: for users of Universal Template, ability to set block order for mobile and tablet layouts. (HOC3-9646)

For CMS users who have a public site built on the HOC Universal Template, you'll now have the ability to view and reset the block order for mobile and tablet layouts. Previously, reordering the blocks in these templates could only be done by the support staff.

Improvement to error message when updating team member (HOC3-9497)

Now that its possible for a team captain to edit the team member record of an existing team member who has not yet registered on the public site - team captains can enter an email address for a team member they didn't previously have an email address for.

Howevder, if that email address is already in the system, the team captain can't create a duplicate contact with that same email address.  Attempting to do so resulted in a rather inscrutable error message.

We've improved the error message which now reads "This email address is already registered.  To add this team member, click on the 'Add New Members' button and enter the team member's information."      Doing this will add the existing contact to the team, rather than trying to create a duplicate contact.

The team captain, once they've added the team member (as opposed to editing one), will be able to delete the team member which had that name but no email address.

Improvement to error message when Salesforce is unavailable (HOC3-9710)

Our recent updates to HOC search services ensures that even when Salesforce is temporarily down, search will operate and opportunity detail pages will display.  However, if SF is unavailable then volunteers will not be able to sign up for opportunities (i.e. create new connections in Salesforce).  A new error message has been added that will explain when this condition exists.  "Sorry, at the moment, sign up or express interest is temporarily not available. Please try again later."    

This will ensure that volunteers are aware that service is temporarily interupted.


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