HOC Release Notes (Oct 28, 2021)

This release adds additional improvements for accessibility and screen readers.  Pop-up messages that appear throughout the public site (error messages, dialog boxes, etc), are now accessible via screen readers. Login modals are now properly read by screen readers.  The release also includes a few bug fixes:

Bug Fix:  Team members unable to remove themselves from teams (HOC3-14926)

A bug was discovered where a team member, going to 'my-teams' page can see the teams where they are a mmember, but couldn't see the details of that team, and therefore was unable to remove themselves from the team.  This has been fixed.

Bug Fix:  Expired occurrences still appearing as publishing in sharing portal (HOC3-14943)

In the Sharing Portal manually changing the end date of Individually Scheduled Opportunities was not updating the posting status of the Volunteer Opportunity.  This has been fixed in the sharing portal.  This bug may still be an issue when doing this in Salesforce, but that will be fixed in the next package release in the near future.


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