2.13 Release - Patch 5 & Other Typos Corrections being made

This post covers the changes deployed in Patch #5 on March 18 as well as some changes that are being made by the support team over the next few weeks that cannot be deployed.

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2.13 Release Patch #5 changes

Community Nickname Removed from Volunteer Registration

Community Nickname Removed from Volunteer Registration

We have been able to auto-generate a community nickname for the user record and so it is no longer required as part of the Volunteer Registration for HandsOn Connect.   The nickname is formed by taking the first and last name and adding a number to the end, up to 40 characters total.  If two contacts have the same first and last name then the number at the end is changed to make them unique, such as JohnSmith1, JohnSmith2, JohnSmith3, etc.

Volunteer Registration Email

When a Team Captain adds Team Members to their team, if it is a new Contact, the contact record is created with the Status = Pending (Team Registration) and the volunteer is encouraged to complete the volunteer registration form.  This patch addressed an issue that when the volunteer registered, if the email did not match exactly, including case sensitivity, then duplicate contact records were created.   With this patch the case sensitivity was removed as a condition to prevent duplicate contact records from being created.  So now [email protected] is recognized as the same as [email protected].  

Volunteer Registration Error

Volunteer Registration Error

When registering, if a Volunteer failed to retype their email address or password, the error message that popped up had a typo that has now been corrected.  The new messages are "Retype Email Address is required." and "Retype Password is required."

Changes being made by Support Team

Over the next few weeks the support team will be making the following corrections to your instance to correct typos and address items that align with the HandsOn Network Annual Affiliate Report.   We do not have a deployment release schedule for these changes since they are being managed by the support team instead of our developers.  

Skill Category Typo Corrections

The following Skill Categories are being updated to correct formatting and typos.

  • Art, Culture, Recreations & Sports is being updated to "Arts, Culture, Recreation & Sports"
  • Business: Administration and Clerical is being updated to "Business: Administration & Clerical
  • Education & Children Support is being updated to Education & Child Support
  • Shelter/FoodBank/Special Event Support is being updated to Shelter/ Food Bank/ Special Event Support
  • Volunteering Management is being updated to Volunteer Management

Skill Typo Corrections

The following default skills are being updated to correct formatting and typos.

  • Advertisement and Promotions Plan is being updated to Advertisement & Promotion Plans
  • AmeriCorps – Vista Experience is being updated to AmeriCorps - VISTA Experience
  • Child Care And Therapy is being updated to Child Care & Therapy
  • Comp. And Benefits is being updated to Compensation & Benefits
  • Controlling is being updated to Controller
  • Customer Rel. / Front Desk / Reception is being updated to  Customer Relations / Front Desk / Reception
  • Disaster Damage Assesst is being updated to Disaster Damage Assessment
  • Disaster Services (Cleaning, Food, etc…) is being updated to Disaster Services (Clearning, Food, etc.)  (only one period)
  • E learning – Webinars is being updated to E-learning - Webinars
  • E mailing Exp. is being updated to Email Administration
  • Environmental Protection/Advocacy is being updated to Environmental Protection / Advocacy (add a space before and after the /)
  • Executive Assistance Exp. is being updated to Executive Assistance Experience
  • Foundations Relations is being updated to Foundation Relations
  • General Account- Accounts Payables is being updated to General Account - Accounts Payable
  • HR Policies And Processes is being updated to HR Policies & Processed
  • Identity / Positioning & Org. Msgs is being updated to Identity / Positioning
  • Language – Translation/Interpretations is being updated to Language - Translation / Interpretations (add space before and after the /)
  • Mailing Experience is being updated to Mailing Administration
  • Mechanicals is being updated to Mechanics
  • Painting - Sculpting is being updated to Painting / Sculpting
  • Patient Support And Therapy is being updated to Patient Support & Therapy
  • Program Costs Analyses is being updated to Program Cost Analyses
  • Skills-Based Volunteering Assessments is being updated to Skills-Based Volunteer Assessments
  • Social Networking (FB, Twitters, etc...) is being updated to Social Networking
  • Special Event is being updated to Special Events
  • Speech And Hearing Rehabilitation is being updated to Speech & Hearing Rehabilitation
  • Strategy Plan is being updated to Strategy Plans
  • Techno Systems Analyses & Reco. is being updated to Technology Systems Analyses
  • Training Plan is being updated to Training Plans
  • Volunteering Project Management is being updated to Volunteer Project Management
  • Volunteers Management is being updated to Volunteer Management
  • Web Techno Architecture is being updated to Web Technology Architecture

National Impact Goal Added

"Veterans & Military Families" was added to the list of National Impact Goals

National Service Event Added

"Veterans Day (November)" was added as a National Service Event

Impact Area Added

"Veterans & Military Families" is being added as an Impact Area to the following objects and fields:

  • Organization - Impact Area
  • Contact - Interests
  • Volunteer Opportunity - Primary Impact Area, Secondary Impact Area

Connection Cancellation Email Template

The {!HOC__Connection__c.HOC__Start_Date_Time__c} merge field that was deployed as part of the 2.12 Release for the Connection Cancellation email template is correct, but for some customers Salesforce is not recognizing it as a merge field.  We are re-inserting the {!HOC__Connection__c.HOC__Start_Date_Time__c} merge field into the email template so that Salesforce can properly insert the Connection Start Date & Time for the volunteer to know which occurrence was canceled.

CMS Update

In December an Admin Alert was issued to make a change to the Item URL for the Search Opportunities page.  We are confirming that this change was made and if not making the change to remove the "?p=vct" from the Item URL.

The following fields are no longer needed for the HandsOn Network for Annual Affiliate Reporting and can be removed from the page layout by System Admin if they no longer wish to capture this information for their own data and reporting.

  • Target Volunteer Groups
  • HON Signature Initiatives


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