HOC Release (Oct 17, 2019)

This release includes bug fixes related to forms, additional branching logic available in the ARS (for advanced use cases), and work to support future time zone management for organizations with SF users in multiple time-zones. Also included are improvements to sharing portal reports, and groundwork to provide better future integration between Salesforce Files and the public site and forms.

There is one nice improvement to forms that is visible and available now:

Forms: Ability to display formula fields from Salesforce

Formula fields in Salesforce are read only - but sometimes its helpful in an HOC form to be able to display (in read only mode) a formula field.  This can be helpful for displaying things like people's names, age, etc.

To add read only formula fields to a form:

  • Select "Would you like to save data in Salesforce
  • Choose the object. (i.e. Contact)
  • Select "Required Login"
  • Sellect "Turn on Record Update"
  • Select "Populate fields from Salesforce"

You'll then have the option in the fields column to place a Formula Field


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