HOC3 Release Notes (May 31, 2018)

Fear not, you haven't missed any release notes.  There were no published release notes for HOC and  But today's release has a number of bug fixes, improvements to subsite infrastructure and behind the scenes improvements, as well as a number of new features we want to highlight and share with you!  

Security: Improved method for emailing Opportunity Leaders from public site (HOC3-7060)

In the last release we improved security when emailing volunteer leaders from the public site, by using code to scramble the ability for bots to see the mailto: link used to send the email to the leader.

Several users reported difficulty using the new link, and after some consideration we've revamped the feature altogether to make it more secure and easier to use.

Now, when you click on the email icon to send an email to the Volunteer Leader, a secure form will be opened and the email will be sent internally instead of using the user's default email client.

After submitting, the email will be sent directly to the volunteer leader.  The Volunteer leader (opportunity coordinator) will be able to hit REPLY to the email they receive, and the email will be sent back to the sender with their reply.

CMS: Volunteer Registration Form now has Salutation option (HOC3-6926)

For those of you wanting to capture more info about a contact during registration, we've added the field "Salutation" to the fields you can display if desired. To enable, go to Blocks / System Blocks / Volunteer Registration and choose whether to make the salutation field visible and/or required.

The Salutation field is also available for the Personal Information form, so that it can be updated by existing volunteers or changed in the future if wedding bells ring :-

This field will NOT be enabled by default.  So if you wish to use it, edit your existing volunteer registration and personal information forms.

Sharing Portal now supports creation and editing of Multi-Lingual Opportunities (HOC3-6908)

For HandsOn Connect sites that feature multi-lingual capabilities, we've now made it possible for partners in the sharing portal to easily post translations of their volunteer opportunities.

When creating or editing a volunteer opportunity, a site with more than one language will now have Tabs for each available language:

To offer a translation, just click on the language tab, and enter a translation for both the Opportunity Name and the Description.  Then continue creating or editing the opportunity., and click save when done.  Both the English (required) and second language will be available on the public site when published.  dddkiiiife

There is no requirement for a partner to offer a translation.  If no translation is made available, then the opportunity will not appear in search for volunteers who select that language for the public site.

Improvements to 'Do not display full occurrences" configuration (HOC3-5003)(HOC3-6189)

By default, HandsOn Connect search displays upcoming opportunities, even if they are full.  This way, people can easily join a waiting list for a full occurrence if desired.

One of the configuration options for HandsOn Connect is to NOT display volunteer opportunities in search if there are no occurrences with space available. (This is used when you want people to only see occurrences/opportunities where volunteers are still needed).

However - despite this setting, if you went to the opportunity detail page (for a date WITH space available), the full occurrences were still visible.

We've improved things so that if you opt to NOT display full occurrences, they will also not appear on the opportunity detail page. Only the occurrences with space available will be displayed.  (This prevents people from joining the waiting list for full occurrences, and focuses people solely on occurrences / opportunities that have space available.)

Additionally, the featured Opportunity Block will no longer display full occurrences.

On our roadmap for the future are additional improvements to 'do not display full occurrences" which will ensure that full occurrences are not displayed on the calendar page either.

If you currently DO have full occurrences showing in search, and you do not want full occurrences shown, please open a support ticket and we can update this setting for you.

Improvement to Check-In Kiosk. (HOC3-6662)

Some kiosk users report that the "Are you part of a team" prompt in the check-in kiosk leads people who are with a group to say yes, even though they are not pre-registered as team members.   To improve the clarity of this prompt, it's been updated to "Has a team captain pre-registered you as part of a team".   This way - only people who know they were pre-registered by a team captain will respond "yes' and be prompted to select their team and search for their name.

Forms improvement: Account Contact Relationships now supported (HOC3-6999)

We've continued to add to the use cases for custom forms by adding access to map data to the Salesforce native object Account Contact Relationship. You'll now find this object available for use in forms:  

BETA: Social network: Ability to login or register using LinkedIn

Facebook login and registration has been available in HandsOn Connect for quite a while, and when it was implemented we indicated we would be working to include other options for social login and registration.

We are now opening a pilot to any HOC client that wishes to enable LinkedIn as a social login/registration option.  For more details on the LinkedIn Beta - see the documentation here:

To opt-in to the pilot and start using LinkedIn, please open a support ticket and request that LinkedIn be enabled for your site.


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