2.5 Release Patch 2

This article contains information about the enhancements released on Sept 10 for the 2.5 Release Patch 2 (Patch 1 was integrated into the release during deployment and is reflected in the 2.5 release notes.)

Exclude Full Occurrences from Search Results

Exclude Full Occurrences from Search Results

A System Admin can now have the options to remove Full Occurrences from Search Results on the standard search page and Business Pages.

In the 2.5 Release we added the color key to the search results page to gray out the occurrences that were full. With this enhancement you can now remove them from your search results completely. Please note that the Full occurrences will still appear on the Calendar and Day View as "Already Filled."

When Full Occurrences are excluded from Search results one of two things will happen.

A) If it is a date and time specific occurrence, then the next active, upcoming occurrence with slots available will be shown in the search results. For example, if I have a Food Bank project that takes place Sept 13, 20, and 27th and the 13th and 20th are already filled, then the Sept 27th occurrence will be that one that appears in the search results.

B) if there are no other active, upcoming occurrences with slots available or if the To Be Scheduled occurrence is full, then the volunteer opportunity will no longer appear in search results. The project will still be active on the site and accessible via the Opportunity Calendar, Day View, My Account page for registered volunteers, and direct links, but it will no longer appear in the search results.



By default, Full Occurrences are included in the search results. A System Admin that want to remove them can go to the Control Panel - Site Configuration and scroll down to the System Defaults section and uncheck the box for Include Full occurrences in search

Same Day Attendance Reporting

We have improved the validation rule to allow for same day reporting of attendance. Any Connection that has an end date & time less than or equal to TODAY can be marked as Attended or Not Attended. This means that if your Opportunity Coordinators have a computer or tablet and are logged into the basic or premium portal, then can now report attendance as volunteers arrive on site. No more having to wait until the next day to report the attendance!

Volunteer Registration and Personal Information

Volunteer Registration and Personal Information

Personal Information page address fields updated to utilize the same look and feel as the registration form with a single block for address, including the ability to ask for which is the Primary Address.

Also enabled the ability to ask for Alternative Email address on the initial Volunteer Registration form.

No Upcoming Occurrences

No Upcoming Occurrences

New messaging displayed when there are no upcoming occurrences.

Grouped Occurrences - Register for All

Grouped Occurrences - Register for All

Sign Up/ Express Interest Button is removed from the occurrences when a volunteer must register for all. Only the note is displayed to let them know which occurrence they must first register for.

Grouped Occurrences Improvements

Grouped Occurrences Improvements

1. The Select Occurrence grid for Grouped Occurrences now filters out Inactive and Canceled Occurrences. If an Occurrence was already included in a group occurrence series that has since become inactive or canceled they will still appear in the list when editing the existing Group Occurrences, but will not appear when creating new Grouped Occurrences.

2. When administratively creating a connection for a Grouped Occurrence series, connections will be created for the occurrence selected and all other occurrences that take place after the selected occurrence, including past occurrences. For example if you have a series of occurrences such as:

  • Aug 23
  • Aug 30
  • Sept 6
  • Sept 13
  • Sept 20
  • Sept 27

If you create a connection for the Aug 30th Occurrence, a connection will be created for all the occurrences after Aug 30th, including the Sept 6th occurrence. It won't create one for the Aug 23 since that occurs before the selected occurrence so make sure that you create the connection for the first occurrence in the series if you want them for all the occurrences. Remember as an Admin, even if the Grouped Occurrence is marked as "Register for All" Staff, Admin, and Premium Portal customers are able to create connections for only a portion of the series.

3. If you have a Grouped Occurrence that doesn't require that a volunteer register for all, if a volunteer registers for the 3rd occurrence of 5 and then comes back and registers for the 1st in the series it won't create duplicate connections for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th occurrences for which they were previously registered. Same for Admin created connections.

Batch Create Teams Members and Connections

After adding Team Members or Connection using the new batch create and import options in the 2.5 release you are now taken directly to the Volunteer Team or Occurrence record, respectively, after clicking Create.

Different Opportunity Coordinators

Different Opportunity Coordinators

Opportunity Detail Pages now reflect the Opportunity Leader based on the occurrence, even when there are different opportunity coordinators for each occurrence.

Business Page Improvements

Business Page Improvements

The Business Pages now utilize the default zip code in your Control Panel to determine the distance for the opportunities listed. We also improved the capitalization of the city names.

Approval Managers

Improvements were made to the process of assigning Approval Managers in the system.

Whether you are using the Control Panel (pictured above) or modifying the Organization record directly, the following will occur:

Organization record is updated to reflect the new respective Approval Manager.

Volunteer Opportunity: ALL Volunteer Opportunity records associated with the updated organization record will have the Opportunity and Volunteer Leader Approval Manager updated, if updated, as well as the related Email Address fields. (NOTE: Self-Reported Volunteer Hours opportunities will not be updated)

Occurrences: ALL Occurrence records with an End Date & Time greater than NOW will update the Opportunity Approval Manager Email field to reflect the correct email. Past Occurrences will not be updated.

Recurrences: ALL Recurrence records with an End Date greater than NOW will update the Opportunity Approval Manager Email field to reflect the correct email. Past Recurrences will not be updated.

Other Improvements

  • Saved Search links improved to reflect terms with & and spaces.
  • Opportunity Detail Pages can now list 365 upcoming occurrences. (58 Occurrence limit removed)
  • IE9 Browsers will no longer display the "createContextualFragment" error
  • Corrected issue with username field in contact record populating which is used for the Opportunity Coordinator lookup
  • Addressed duplication of volunteer opportunities in the HOC aggregator which manages past occurrences for the Opportunity Calendar.
  • Select All works when filtering the contacts on the "Add to Campaigns" page.
  • Please Wait loading bar now appears when users are registering for Grouped Occurrences to prevent double clicks while signing up for a series of occurrences.
  • When Editing an Occurrence that is part of a Recurrence, the warning message has been updated to reflect that the advanced options (Turn off Teams, Waitlist, etc.) added in the 2.5 release will not break the recurrence.
  • When using the Move/Copy Connections option you can now paste the OC-##### ID in the Occurrence field without needing to use the look-up.
  • Other minor improvements made.


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