HOC Release Notes August 2021

This is a release to the HandsOn Connect Managed package in Salesforce. This release addresses issues that can cause errors when merging or editing organizations that have large numbers of connections. It also addresses conflicts that may occur between HOC and NPSP when merging records.

Improvement to avoid occurrence data corruption due to deleting dependent lookup data  (HOCSF-1294)

One of the largest sources of errors due to data corruption in HandsOn Connect has been when an administrator deletes a Volunteer Opportunity or a Location that is being used by an occurrence as a lookup field.  Because an occurrence REQUIRES a Volunteer Opportunity and/or a location (except for Express Intrest Only VOs), the occurrence record is then placed in an illegal state and cannot be edited.  This has always required extensive data cleanup to correct this common mishap.

In this release we've updated the lookup fields in an occurrence record so that if you attempt to delete a Volunteer Opportunity or a Location that is being used by one or more occurrences, you will not be able to delete them UNTIL you remove the dependency on occurrence records that exists.

You'll receive a message saying you cannot delete that Volunteer Opportunity or Location, and be told which occurrences would be corrupted by that deletion:


We continue to recommend you avoid deleting records in HandsOn Connect.  If you must delete, be sure that the record does not have any related 'child' records.  In order to delete, delete the children first and work your way up to the parent object.   i.e.   If you need to delete a Volunteer Opportunity, you must first delete any connections and occurrences (or they will be missing required data).  This update will prevent you from accidentally deleting any Volunteer Opportunities or locations without first deleting the occurrences that are dependent upon them :-)

Bug fix:  Custom skills added to SF have spacing between letters (HOCSF-1554)

In some cases, when adding custom skills in SF, the skill names have spaces between each letter.  


This issue has been fixed.  Newly added skills will no longer add extra spaces between letters!

Bug fix:  two emails sent to volunteers when expressing interest in Individually Scheduled Opportunities (HOCSF--1562)

Some volunteers have reported receiving not one, but two different emails when expressing interest in ISO Opportunities.  This has been fixed.  They will only receive the one appropriate email.

Bug Fix: Logging in as another SF Administrator can result in errors. (HOCSF-1580)

If you are using the lightning component "Create Volunteer Opportunity (Sharing Portal)", and you use the Salesforce "Log In as" user functionality to login to the sharing portal as any other Administrator, an error message  results.   This has been fixed.

Bug Fix:  Organizations with names beginning with the number 5 not being found in Volunteer Opportunity Wizard (HOCSF-1575)

Wow.  Talk about obscure bugs.  But it was discovered that if an organization's name began with the number 5. (for example "5 Steps to Five" -- it didn't show up as an organization served in the Volunteer Opportunity Wizard.  This will be fixed for future customers -- but if you have any organizations beginning with 5... open a support ticket and we can fix the issue for you :-)

Ability to make skills inactive (HOCSF-1582)

It's always been possible to add and or delete skills in HandsOn Connect, but what happens when you no longer wish to use a skill, but have volunteers who have previously submitted skill ratings associated with that skill?  If you delete the skill (so it no longer is available on the public site), you lose all the data associated with that skill in the past.

Now, there's a solution. Instead of deleting a skill, you can make it 'inactive'.  The Skills record has a new field called "Status".  Setting the status of a skill to 'inactive' will keep that skill in the data, but the skill will no longer show up on your skills page for volunteers to choose.

To use this feature you'll need to add the field status to your page skills page layout.


Tip: Your existing skills will not have a value for the Status field, but in future, when creating new skills, you may wish to set 'active' as the status for the skill.   (A status of either 'active' or null will cause a skill to remain visible on the public site)

(Optional) Advanced Feature requiring Admin Speedup:  Add a CMS image file loader to Salesforce

Usually, when one wants t o access images on the public site, images are added to the CMS Image library directly from the CMS. using the WYSIWYG editor, selected the 'image' icon - and using the uploader to add images to the image library.

However, there may be circumstances in which you'd like to add one or more images to yourCMS  image library directly from Salesforce (without having to go into the CMS).  That way the images will be waiting for you when you want to use them on CMS pages, etc.

You also might want to be able to access certain images, directly from Salesforce (to view and/or download them). For example, you might want to add a contact's photo, and have a field that gives you a link directly to that image (even though its stored in the CMS image library).

In this release we've added an optional lightning component which you can add to any lightning page in Salesforce.  For example, on a contact record page, if you wanted to store a contact's photo and have a link to it in salesforce.   The URL of the image you've uploaded will be visible as a field in the contact record:

Notification Center
Notification Center

If you wish to create a field for storing image URLs, and a tab with the image uploader lightning component, an administrator can do so by following the instructions in the attached document.  If you need assistance, feel free to drop into a lab session and we can walk you through the steps if you wish to add this new component to your Salesforce instance.


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