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HOC3 Release Notes 3.0.5 (Mar 1) and (Mar 8) and 22)

The 3.0.5. release addresses infrastructure improvements that  make it possible to have multiple, branded, public sites all connected to the same instance of HandsOn Connect. This functionality makes it possible for you to offer partners, corporations or others, a stand-alone public site with its own unique branding, search, and CMS.  

For more information on pricing for 'mini-sites' please contact [email protected]

The release addressed improvements in the Check-In Kiosk QR code functionality, and CMS improvements.  It also addressed internal changes necessary to support the upcoming March, 2017 release to the Salesforce back-end of HandsOn Connect.

The brings a number of improvements to the functioning of the CMS, and also brings some small but helpful improvements as well as two popularly-requested new features!

New Feature: Check-In Kiosk supports filtering by Location and/or Organization. (HOC3-5626)

A much requested enhancement to the Check-In Kiosk has been added.  Previously, when using the check-in kiosk and configured to allow guests, the Kiosk listed ALL occurrences taking place on the current date as opportunities that could be checked in for.

When activating the kiosk now, the activation process includes the ability to select filters and limit the opportunities displayed based on the Location the kiosk is being used in, or limited the check-ins based on the organization that is managing the opportunity.


If the Location and Organization filters are left blank - then all the day's occurrences will be listed as available to check-in.  However you can select a single location or a single organization if you wish to limit the list of available opportunities for check-in on the device your are activating for check-in.

New Feature: Team signup is now available for Individually Scheduled - Express Interest Only opportunities (HOC3-5541)

A much requested feature has been added.  Previously, team signups were only possible for date and time specific opportunities.  

Now the ability to express interest for multiple team members has been added to ISO - EIO opportunities!

Note: Team Signups are not possible for Individually Scheduled - Express Interest with Schedule Opportunities.  The reason is that with this opportunity type, an individual can create up to. 50 connections in a recurring schedule.  If a team of 20 people attempted to do this it would require creating 1000 connections at once which is beyond the limits of Salesforce.

But now all other opportunity types can permit teams to sign up / express interest.

Teams will now be active for all your ISO - EIO opportunities in any organization that permits team.  If you do not wish teams to be able to sign up for any of your ISO-EIO opportunities, use the advanced occurrence functionality to turn off teams in the occurrence record.

Improvement to Skills Profile Page (HOC3-6476)

It was reported that some volunteers found the skills profile page confusing because the only options for skill levels were low, medium, high and expert.   To make it clearer that not moving the slider indicated that you did not have a particular skill,  the column header above the left-most position has been labeled "None"

Bug Fix: Total hours served by team wasn't updating on Team Detail Page (HOC3-6379)

The team details page for teams has a field "Total Hours Served by Team" that was not accurately reflecting the verified hours of the team.   This has been fixed.


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