HOC Release Notes (Feb 18, 2021)

REMINDER:  New Search will be turned on for all HOC clients in two weeks, on March 4, 2021.  Take advantage of this preview period to configure your new search and calendar.  For instructions on how to preview new search and the new calendar, as well as configure them in preparation for their going live on March 4, please read this article from the Jan 21 release notes.

But wait!  There's more.  As part of today's release, New Search has already been upgraded to deliver the most requested feature we've had regarding search blocks:  Granular Control over which fields appear in which sections!

Search Results Blocks (New Search) - Granular Control over which fields are displayed as filters.   (HOC3-1759)

The old, 'Advanced Search Block" (which is being retired on March 4 and replaced with Search Results blocks labeled "System Default Search" and "System Default Calendar" allowed you to choose which SECTIONS of Filter settings you wanted to show.  Sections contained multiple fields, and you could only turn the fields in a given section either ALL on or ALL off.

With this release, it is now possible to choose individual filters from within the sections "Type Opportunity" "Who to Serve" "Appropriate For" and "Location".  Just click the + button next to each section and then choose which of the fields within that section you wish to display!  Only those fields will be shown in the section!  Here's what the settings for the /search results block now look like:

1. For Corporate Page? - use this setting to designate a search block that will be used on a corporate page.  Selecting this will reveal a field for your to put the organization name ID in.  Search results will become available upon entry of the appropriate invitation code.

2. Display Format - you can choose between Listing, Listing with Tiles, Calendar, or Calendar with Tiles.  As well as set sort parameters.

3. Filters: - These determine what results will be automatically assigned when arriving on the page featuring this block.

4. Show/Hide Filter Settings - These settings determine what filter sections and individual filters are diplayed for the user on the page, to further refine the search.

5. Show/Hide Results Settings -- This determines whether or not the zip code is displayed in search results, and whether or not a thumbnail image is displayed (only available for 'tiles' display settings).

Banners and Alerts

New Search will be turned on for all on March 4th, so configure your 'System default search' and 'System default calendar' now!   If you'd like new search activated prior to March 4, open a support ticket and we can make this live for you prior to March 4.

Ability to Render Charts and Graphs in Listing Blocks based on Salesforce Views (HOC3-13468)

Listing blocks have the ability to display data from a SF list view in a number of formats.  Lists, Sliders, Custom Card Templates and Data Tables, and Maps have been around for a while.  In this release we also make available the ability to display the data from a Listview  as a chart of graph with the new "Bar Chart, Column Chart, Pie Chart, and Donut Chart" options.


This produces displays like the following:

File Uploads: Now possible to upload .ai and .eps file formats (HOC3-11553 and HOC3-13083)

The file upload settings for forms now makes it possible to accept files in either .ai or .eps format.

Bug fix: Sorting of columns for Listing CMS Block (HOC3-13381)

Selecting which column to sort by in a listing block table did not always work as expected. This has been fixed:



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