HOC Release Notes (February 21, 2024)

This release provides under the hood improvements to make HOC public sites operate more efficiently when interacting with Salesforce. It also provides some bug fixes and new features as described below:

New Features:

Individually Scheduled Opportunity with Schedule Sign Up Improvements (LHH-18949)

We added improvements when volunteers are signing up for Individually Scheduled Opportunities with schedule. They can now indicate the frequency of their sign ups. The default option is weekly. They can also sign up Bi-Weekly or Monthly.

Custom Form: Picklist Editable Dropdown Value (LHH-19050)

There is a new Editable Dropdown picklist option in custom forms that's useful when you want to display default values and allow volunteers to enter their own value. For example, if you have a custom form where a volunteer must select a time in 30 minute intervals (12:00, 12:30, 1:00) and they need to enter a time in-between (12:15) this feature will allow this.

Listing Block: Calendar and Map options Public (LHH-19091)

The Calendar and Map display values for Listing Blocks are available for CMS administrators now. These are useful if you are using Listing Blocks to show Occurrences, Volunteer Opportunities or any object that references a date and/or a location.

Custom Forms: Make Record ID Source Public (LHH-19113)

The feature expands the usability of custom forms by allowing you to use custom parameters as the record the ID source.

Listing Block: Make For Sharing Portal Option Public (LHH-19154)

CMS Administrators can now make Listing Blocks appear in the Partner Portal using the Parter Portal's page layout. To accomplish this, you'll also need to create a page for the Listing Block using the url format /partner-portal/customURL

Bug Fixes:

Listing Block -  Picklist default value is not working when using the q or p parameter (LHH-19115)

Fixed an issue that prevented Listing Blocks from using the assigned default value.

Kiosk Favicon (LHH-19124)

Fixed an issue that prevented the kiosk page from showing the volunteer site's favicon.

Listing Block: Can't set date filter facet (LHH-19145)

Fixed an issue that prevented a date filter facet from being created. This is used to filter a listing block by a date value.

Improve the text and title for the verification code page (LHH-19172)

Improved the verification code page so it's more relevant to what the contact is actually doing in verifying their email.

Saved Search Missing Results (LHH-19144)

Fixed an issue that prevented Saved Searches from showing results when one of the values contained a comma.

Error in SignUpISODetail (LHH-19185)

Fixed an issue that prevented volunteers from signing up for Individually Scheduled Volunteer Opportunities.

Custom Form Modal and Default Picklist Values (LHH-19185)

Fixed an issue that caused the default picklist value to appear inconsistently in the the popup modal form.

Volunteer Opportunity Photos Appear Broken (LHH-19211)

Fixed an issue that caused a Volunteer Opportunity's Logo to appear broken when the file name contained special characters. We still recommend updating the filename when possible.


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