Nov 2016 Release Notes

The November Release includes a handful of bug fixes, and for HOC 3.0 customers the launch of the custom themes pilot and the advanced registration system pilot.

Fixed: Mobile pages not loading under IOS10 (HOC-738)

Changes introduced by Apple in IOS 10 (the latest release of the IOS for Iphones, Ipads, etc) were causing HandsOn Connect sites to not load properly.  The code has been updated and HOC is once again mobile responsive and ready!

Fixed: Issues where occurrences were appearing on the wrong date or time  (HOC-727)

Some HandsOn Connect clients were reporting issues where upcoming occurrences created through the recurrence object were appearing on the wrong days, and that some occurrences were off by an hour.  This issue turns out to be related to the complexities around changes from daylight savings time to standard time (which will be occurring at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 6. Don't ask us why - but this comes up every year around this time, particularly if you have projects that start at 12:00 a.m.  

The appropriate updates to the code has been applied and users should no longer experience this problem in future.   But to be safe, please see the Administratove Advisory below:

Administrative Advisory:   Check recently created recurrences

If you've created recurrences while daylight savings time was active, that extended beyond the date that daylight savings change ends -- we advise you to take a look at the occurrences created by recurrences.  You may find that the occurrences created by that recurrence that take place AFTER November 6 are off their correct time by one hour.

We advise you to double check, and make sure your occurrences are populated with the correct time and edit as necessary.  

Fixed: URLs with parameters fail in Organization Registration (HOC-633)

Some partner organizations have experienced problems registrering via the organization registration page if the URL for their website was nontypical and had paths that included elements like /index.php?p-cspc  

The code has been updated to be more forgiving of URLs of this sort, and organizations can now list their website URLs even with this sort of URL path.


Verified Volunteers:  Ability for administrators to create connections for unverified volunteers (HOC-700)

The verified volunteer functionality ensures that a volunteer cannot sign up for an opportunity requiring a background check if their contact record doesn't indicate they have the appropriate clearance from verified volunteers.  This validation also prevented administrators from administratively creating a connection for a contact without the appropriate clearance.

In order to make it possible to create exceptions if desired - we've added the ability for a system administrator to administratively create a connection, even if the contact does not meet the required background check levels.  

We caution administrators to always consider whether or not they wish to connect an unverified volunteer to an opportunity - but now it will be possible for them to do so if desired.

Fixed: Error Messages that appear when editing start date or end date of a connection (HOC-717)

When editing a connection's start date and time or end date and time (as you might choose to do in either a connection, or during one-step attendance reporting), an error message is generated if you try to make the start date and time earlier than the occurrence's start date and time,  or changing the end date and time of a connection later than the end date and time of the connection.

The error message that was appearing was not the correct one however.  If you tried to change the date/time to an invalid value the error message wrongly said "Difference between start date and end date must be less than 24 hours" which was confusing and misleading.

The error message now will explain the issue more clearly:

For invalid changes to start date and time:   "The connection start date and time cannot be later than the occurrence end date and time"

For invalid changes to end date and time:     "The connection end date and time cannot be later than the occurrence end date and time"


HOC 2.x to 3.0 migration pilot begins this month

HOC 3.0 is improving every week.  While it still does not support all the functionality of HOC 2.x, it contains many improvements and advancements and this month the first 'pilot' customers using HOC 2.x will be migrated to the 3.x platform.

HOC 3.0 recent additions

New features, functionality and fixes to HOC 3.0 are released at least every two weeks and not part of the monthly release cycle. Nonetheless, its worth noting here some of the  recent improvements and changes to HOC 3.0

  • Improved team functionality on public sites
  • Fixes to Individually Scheduled Opportunity Signup
  • Volunteer Events now part of 3.0 public sites
  • Custom theme pilot launches later this month with new site for Chicago Cares
  • Ability to remove volunteer / partner / volunteer leader profile/license from contact
  • Ability to create Individually Scheduled Opportunities in Partner Portal
  • Ability to approve pending connections in Partner Portal
  • Home Page for Partner Portal
  • Pilot of Volunteer Leader Portal

Many bug fixes and improvements in usability and performance.

More details on migrating to HandsOn Connect 3.0 will be coming soon!


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