HOC Release Notes (March 30, 2023)

This release provides under the hood improvements to make HOC public sites operate more efficiently when interacting with Salesforce. It also provides some bug fixes and new features as described below:

New Features

ARS & Forms - Ability to request a user code for special registrations (HOC3-17197)

This new feature allows you to utilize special codes in forms. The picklist field in forms now have a new display format called Code Validator.

Once the Code Validator is enabled the field will be displayed as a text field for users with a button to validate the entered code. The button label can be customized in the form's settings. After the code is entered and submitted the system will inform the user if the code is valid.

A great example of when this feature will be useful is membership payments. Some organizations require partners to pay a membership fee. In special cases some partners may meet the criteria for a waiver. You can now provide them with a special code to bypass the membership fee and payment component in a form.

Implement Map Clustering in Listing Block Map View (HOC3-17244)

We upgraded the map view in Listing Blocks to use Google Maps pin clustering. When there are multiple volunteer opportunities in the same location you'll see a blue marker with a number that represents how many volunteer opportunities are in that area.

Bug Fixes

Team Captains Participant Management (HOC3-17243)

Updated the label in the Account Overview Section for Team Captains. The remove label was changed from "Yes, remove me!" to "Yes, remove my team!" to prevent confusion and allow a team captain to remove all team participants.

The logic in the managing participants feature was updated. The update doesn't allow a team captain to remove all the adults and leave only minors in an event. The following message is shown The action could not be completed because there is at least 1 minor who requires an adult to participate.

Volunteer Team Waiver (HOC3-17248)

Fixed an issue that caused the minor waiver on file restriction to appear for adult sign ups.

Form - Modal form appears not to work in the Sharing Portal (HOC3-17271)

Fixed an issue that prevented the modal functionality from working properly in the sharing portal.

Mobile Availability Section (HOC3-17283)

Fixed an issue on the mobile layout with selecting your availability.

Self Report Hours on Mobile Layout (HOC3-17286)

Fixed a layout issue on the mobile layout that made it hard to select a time when self-reporting.