HOC 3 Release Notes (July 5, 2018)

This release brings more under-the-hood improvements making it possible to provide more flexibility in the sharing portal,.  Improvements were also made to provide greater speed to public sites.

Sharing Portal: Ability for Partner Staff to edit the Title of an organizational contact (HOC3-7281)

Here's a popular feature request added in this release.  When creating or editing your organization's contacts in the Sharing Portal's My Organization / My Organization Contacts page, you can now edit or add a title for the contaact!  This will make it possible for your partners to keep you up to date on the job title for their contacts.

Voila!   Title is now updated!

Improvements to Advanced Registration Signup (ARS)

The Advanced Registration system is a power-user tool, but for those organizations using it, we continue to improve its capabilities. Some of the features are used by our team to make it possible to create more and more powerful processes for Volunteer Registration and Opportunity Signup.

  • When using ARS for Opportunity Signup, its now possible to bring in field values from the contact record in Salesforce to the form.  New check field "Populate from SF" (HOC3-7149)
  • Explanatory text added to clarify which success page an Opportunity Signup will be directed to at the end of the Flow (HOC3-7227)
  • Fixed bug where ARS was not being triggered for opportunity signups initiated through one-step-signup. (Where a volunteer isn't logged in and is prompted to either register or logs in to complete the signup process.  (HOC3-7476)
  • Some typos/grammar were fixed in the configuration picklists for branching logic in forms and ARS (HOC3-7472)


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