HOC3 Release Notes (April 18, 2018)

This release brings internal improvements to expand the functionality and ease of use of managing and maintaining HandsOn Connect mini-sites (HOC instances where there are more than one public site), along with a few features and improvements.

Ability to set Header Block redirect URL (HOC3-6650)

By default, Clicking on the public site's "Header Logo". (generally your site logo), brings the user back to the site home page.  (This is page "/")

For HOC clients employing mini-sites, they may be using multiple header blocks on different pages, and therefore you may wish the header block to go to a different page than the site's root home page.   The new field "URL to redirect" makes it possible for the logo to link to a different page that the site's main root.

Left blank, the logo will simply link to the site's home page "/" as it has done in the past.

Ability to create URL to go to a specific week on the opportunity calendar (HOC3-6691)

About a year ago we added the ability to create URLs that go to a specific month or to a specific day (day view) on the Calendar.  We've now also added a parameter that makes it possible to create a URL that goes directly to a week view.

If you specify week=true in the url, calendar will display the week which belong the requested day.


To open week Apr 1 — 7 2018, the url is:


(This week can be displayed by other url like /calendar?year=2018&month=04&day=02&week=true because that day belongs to that week, too.)

Other considerations:

  • If it's not specified year, month and day, but week is true (/calendar?week=true) it will display the current week.
  • If it's not specified month and day, but week is true (/calendar?year=2018&week=true) it will display the first week of the requested year.
  • If it's not specified day, but week is true (/calendar?year=2018&month=03&week=true) it will display the first week of the requested month.
CMS Improvement: Scrolling added to navigation for long lists (HOC3-6808)

For organizations using deep levels of navigation at the fourth level of navigation, there were problems in that not all navigation items were accessible.  We've added a scrolling feature so that users can scroll and see all navigation items, no matter hos many are added.

Further improvement to team creation / signup dialog (HOC3-6833)

In the last release we improved the team creation / signup user interface by making "Click here to continue opportunity sign-up with your team" a visible button rather than a link.  We've improved this page even more by changing the heading "Success! You've created the team" to "Sucess!  You can now sign-=up your new team for an opportunity"


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