HOC Release Notes (April 28, 2022)

This release includes a number of internal improvements that will increase speed and reliability of HandsOn Connect public sites and CMS. There are also  additional improvements to web accessibility.

Default for blocks to appear is now set to  "Only URLs listed below". (HOC3-15536)

As a CMS Admin, when adding a block the "Visible to" default under Advanced Settings had been set to "All Pages".  If one forgets to change this when it is not intended for all pages, the block appears on all pages by mistake.

To minimize user error, the default is now "Only URLs listed below".  This way by default it will not appear on any page without user action.

Notification Center
Bug Fix:  Stripe Integration fields for payment processing not being captured in SF (HOC3-15832)

When using Stripe as a payment processor in a HOC form, the fields Payment Transaction Method and Payment Transaction Status and Payment Transaction ID were not being captured and recording in SF.  This has been fixed.

Improvement: Dealing with old volunteer opportunities still appearing in Google Searches (HOC3-15757)

We are often asked why expired volunteer opportunities still appear in Google Search results.  Well, the old opportunity URLs are still valid as they are part of a volunteer's history.  However, to avoid confusion for users finding these URLs in google searches we've made two improvements:

1) When an opportunity or occurrence  is in the past, it will now show the following to make it clear that its not a current opportunity:


2) Expired opportunities will not appear in the site's site index. The site map will be updated each day.   While google does not review the site map every single day, it should take note of the updated site map eventually, and remove old opportunities from its search results.

Bug Fix:  ARS does not complete when payment component is in middle of workflow (HOC3-15819)

It was discovered that if a payment component was placed in a form in the middle of an ARS workflow, that in some cases the remainder of the ARS pages did not show up.  This has been fixed.

Bug Fix: Email verification error message "This field must be equal to the field" (HOC3-0264)

In some cases, on custom forms, asking for a confirmation of an email address resulted in an error message saying that confirmation email must be equal to the email in the previous field.  This occurred even when the same email address was used in both fields.  This bug has been fixed.

Bug Fix:  Listing block returns a "There are no rows to update" error (HOC3-15833)

An error was occurring on listing blocks that have 'allow edit records' marked yes, and a search box on the same page.  Under these circumstances, a checkbox field on the page is no longer able to be updated after a search has been conducted.  This has been fixed.


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