HOC Release Notes (August 3, 2023)

This release provides under the hood improvements to make HOC public sites operate more efficiently when interacting with Salesforce. It also provides some bug fixes and new features as described below

New Features:

Form - Add Quantity to Payment Component (HOC3-17231)

Quantity for items in the payment component can now be added.  A good example of how this feature would be useful is using the payment component for event tickets. A volunteer can indicate how many tickets they want to purchase with this new feature.

There will be a toggle to enable quantity in the payment component as shown below.

The total amount of items entered will automatically be calculated.  In the image below 2 items for $80 was selected for $160.

Listing Block - Ability to preset filters in listing block (HOC3-17519)

Recently we released a feature that would keep a user's filters in a Listing Block each time they visited a page. This feature was called Persistent Filters (HOC3-16986). With our new feature called Preset Filters you can now set the default filters based on a user's session or URL. This means the Listing Block will automatically be filtered the very first time a user visits the page.

Hide Location for ISO on the Account Overview Page (HOC3-17895)

Individually Scheduled Opportunities (ISO) do not require a location. As a result, the Empty Location text is shown on the Account Overview Page like in the image below.

A new setting was included in Volunteer Account Overview system page settings, to hide the Empty Location text.

Blocks -- Systems Forms -- Volunteer Account Overview

Form - Allow the Transaction Fee in the Payment Component to be automatic or optional (HOC3-17926)

With this update the Transaction Fee of the payment processor can be optional. There is a setting that you can toggle that will allow the transaction fee to be visible in the form.

When this is enabled the user can decide to pay the processing fee or not.

In addition, the transaction fee can be mapped to a field in Salesforce.

Bug Fixes:

Listing Block - Changes taking a long time to take and several attempts (HOC3-17892)

We improved the processing time of Listing Blocks.

Custom Form: Calculate Field Doesn't Not Work Well with Decimals (HOC3-17954)

We fixed an issue that prevented the calculated field feature from being compatible with decimals.

Custom Form: No Field for Code Validator with Branch Logic (HOC3-17970)

Fixed in an issue that prevented the Code Validator from working with branch logic.

Support web site down in certain areas (HOC3-18030)

Fixed an issue caused by caching that prevented the support site from loading in certain parts of the world.  


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