HOC Release Notes (December 9, 2016)

version 3.6 was pushed to production for all HOC 3.0 customers on December 9.  Here's an overview of key new features and bug fixes for HOC 3.0 users.

Sharing Portal: Ability for users to administratively create connections (HOC3-108)

Most connections are created by volunteers when they sign up or express interest via the public site.  However, sometimes an opportunity coordinator using the sharing portal may wish to administratively create one or more connections on behalf of a volunteer.

It's now possible to create a new connection for a volunteer administratively in the sharing portal

Creating a Connection for a Date and Time Specific Opportunity

Go to the Volunteer Opportunities list, and click "view" next to the opportunity you wish to add a connection to.

Scroll down to the connections grid and click on the "Add Connection" button.


Creating a Connection for a Date and Time Specific Opportunity
  • The fields necessary to add a connection will appear
  • Click on "Contact" and a list will be presented of the contacts who have previously connected with your organization
  • Click on "Occurrence" and a list of occurrence dates, past and present will appear.  Select the occurrence you wish to connect the volunteer to.
  • Attendance Status:   For Future Occurrences select "Please Verify" (as you'll need to verify attendance after the occurrence takes place.  For past occurrences select either "Attended" or "Not Attended".  
  • Guest Volunteers - if the volunteer is bringing unregistered guests, indicate how many guests are coming with the volunteer.
  • Hours Served - this will only be visible for past occurrences.  If marking as attended you can leave blank and the hours will automatically be populated based on start and end time of the occurrence. Optionally, if a volunteer stayed longer than the scheduled time, you can increase (or decrease) the hours by entering a value.  (Hours should be entered in decimal format i.e.  2.25.

Creating one or more connections for a 'Individually Scheduled' Opportunity

Normally, volunteers will propose their own connection times when they express interest in an Individually scheduled opportunity. However you can administratively create one or more connections for a volunteer for your ISO volunteer opportunities.

  • Click on the Add Connections button on the right of the connections grid on the Volunteer Opportunity Detail Page
  • You'll be taken to the Add Connections screen
  1. At the top of the page you'll see the schedule you've created for this Individually Scheduled Opportunity.   This is strictly for reference, because as a sharing portal user you can administratively create connections for a volunteer for any time, whether or not it is within the schedule you've specified on the public site for volunteers to use.
  2. Click on Contact to see or search for a contact from all the volunteers who have connected with your organization.  Choose the contact you wish to create one or more connections for.
  3. Day of the Week:  Pick the day of the week you wish to create connections for.
  4. Start and End Time for the connection(s) on that day of the week
  5. Click on the "Add Day & Time" button to add that 'schedule' to the list below (6).  You can then pick additional days of the week if desired if you are creating multiple connections.
  6. All the days / times you are scheduling the volunteer to attend will be listed here.
  7. Set the Start Date and End Date of the period you wish to create connections for.   (If you wish to create just one connection, then just put in that date.  If you are creating connections each Monday and Friday for the month of December, you would enter the period of time as 12/1/2016 to 12/31/2016.
  8. Click "Save" and one or more connections will be created for the day(s) and dates you've defined. They will be marked as confirmed and the volunteer will receive an email informing them they've been scheduled for one or more dates.
Creating one or more connections for a 'Individually Scheduled' Opportunity

Sharing Portal:  Ability to edit connections (HOC3-108)

If after a connection has been created, confirmed, or attendance reported you wish to change or update the connection, you can do so by clicking on the 'edit' button to the left of the connection.  This makes it possible to correct errors in attendance reporting (for example).

Some fields within the connection record can be edited by moving the cursor to the right of the field, and revealing the edit icon.  After editing a field or a connection record, always click the Save Button to record the changes.

Sharing Portal:  Ability to edit connections (HOC3-108)

Sharing Portal: Ability for users to add Guest Volunteers to Connections (HOC3-107)

While we usually want each volunteer that's attending to sign up and create their own connection, sometimes volunteers will contact you and say they are bringing a friend or family member.

The field "Guest Volunteers" can be used in HandsOn Connect so that an Opportunity Coordinator can administratively note that a volunteer is bringing one or more unregistered 'guests' to a volunteer opportunity.  Guest volunteers can be added administratively when creating connections, editing connections, or as part of Attendance Reporting.

To update Guest volunteers:

  • Go to the connections grid on any volunteer opportunity detail page or on the Report Attendance Page.
  • Place your cursor to the right of the Guest Volunteers field for an individual connection, and the 'edit icon' will be visible.
  • Click on the edit icon and you'll be able to enter the number of guest volunteers.
Sharing Portal: Ability for users to add Guest Volunteers to Connections (HOC3-107)
  • After making changes to one or more connections on the page, move your cursor out of the field you've edited.
  • Your edits will appear in red indicating that you have proposed changes to the values of one or more fields in one or more connections.
  • Click on the Save Changes button to record the changes you've made.

When reporting attendance,  hours for 'guest volunteers' will be counted so that you have an accurate number of hours served for each occurrence of an opportunity.

Sharing Portal: Ability to specify hours served when reporting attendance (HOC3-1037)

When you mark someone as attended on the "Report Attendance" page - by default, the connection is updated to attendance status = attended, and the 'hours' field is automatically populated with the hours served based on the start time and end time of the occurrence.

However, in some cases, a volunteer may have stayed longer (or left early), and you want to accurately reflect their hours.  This can now be done on the "Report Attendance" page before marking the volunteer as attended.

To do so:

  • Move your cursor to the right of the column "Hours" on the Report attendance page.
  • Click on the 'edit' icon and put in the number of hours you actually want to report  (note: this isn't necessary if they stayed for the scheduled number of hours)
  • After editing the hours, move the cursor out of the field, and then click on the SAVE button to save any changes to connections you've made, BEFORE you report attendance.  
  • Once the changes are saved, then report attendance as usual.  The hours recorded will be the values you added.
  • Note: If a value already exists in this field, its because the volunteer 'self-reported' their hours. You can edit this if you don't agree with their self-reported hours.
Sharing Portal: Ability to specify hours served when reporting attendance (HOC3-1037)

Sharing Portal:  Occurrence end dates for Individually Scheduled Opportunities can now be edited

If you wish to continue to list an ISO opportunity past its current end date, its now possible to edit the occurrence end date so that the opportunity will continue to be listed. Just click on the Edit button next to the occurrence.

For migrating 2.x customers, it will not be possible to extend the end date of legacy To Be Scheduled occurrences in the partner portal as TBS is no longer a supported opportunity type in HOC 3.0.   If they try to edit the occurrence end date, they will receive the message "This 'To Be Scheduled' volunteer opportunity will expire on (date)and cannot be extended. The 'To Be Scheduled' registration type has been retired. Please create a new Volunteer Opportunity to replace this one using one of the current Volunteer Opportunity Registration types."

Administrator Note:  The best replacement for TBS opportunities is to use Individually Scheduled Opportunities. We also will be introducing an 'express interest only' volunteer opportunity type in First Quarter 2017.  These two opportunity types will serve as improved replacements for TBS opportunities.

Sharing Portal:  Occurrence end dates for Individually Scheduled Opportunities can now be edited

In some emails occurrence times appeared in GMT time zone rather than local time zone.  This has been fixed.

Sharing Portal: Fixed ordering of occurrence dates and times

When using filters to select an occurrence by start or end date, the dates were appearing alphabetically rather than chronologically.  This has been corrected.

User interface improvements throughout sharing portal

In addition to the major items above, this release includes a number of refinements and improvements to the user-interface in the sharing portal, improvements in layouts and list views, corrections to minor typos on pages, improvements in error messages (when they are displayed), and additional validation rules to prevent entering illegal values in fields.

Facebook Login and Registration (Pilot)

A pilot program has begun for the HOC 3.0 public site, which allows a user to associate their facebook account with their HOC user account, and log into the public site via facebook.  Also, new users may register with Facebook - which will speed up their registration process by bringing over known information from their facebook account.

The pilot will be taking place during the next month, and this feature will be generally available to HOC 3.0 customers in January, 2017.

Facebook Login and Registration (Pilot)


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