HOC Release (Nov 28, 2019)

Happy Holidays.  This week's release includes more under the hood improvements to make way for future functionality. It also includes improvements in the handling of data for International customers, improvements for sites with users in multiple time zones, and improvements in the handling of errors on public sites.

Basic Search Block - Ability to Display Invitation Code (HOC3-10217)

The Basic Search Block (generally displayed on the Home Page), is gaining some additional options. New for this release is the ability to show the "Invitation Code" field, for HOC sites that make heavy use of 'private' opportunities that can only be accessed via the Invitation Code.

Check out the basic search block customization options for this, and other customizations that are possible (editing placeholder text, and renaming the labels used in the search fields.

ARS/ Forms - Currency Fields can now have max and min value validations (HOC3-8212)

When using a currency field in a form, you can now set the minimum and maximum values that can be entered into the field.

Listing Block:  Ability to set text when no results are displayed (HOC3-10030)

When using a listing block, users have the ability to 'search' amongst the listings.  By default, the message that appears when no search results are available is "There are no items to display".

Now, the CMS for the Listing block makes it possible for you to customize the 'no results' message that appears:



Registration Cutoff Hours - zero is now a valid value (HOC3-10196)

The field, Registration cutoff Hours, if displayed in the sharing portal when creating a volunteer opportunity, would not permit a value of 0.  By default, registration cutoff hours was always automatically assigned a value of 1.

This has been corrected, it is now possible to set Registration cutoff hours to 0.

Note: While this value is now permitted, it does mean that printing a check-in sheet may not include all individuals who have signed up - as people will be able to sign up to participate right up to the start time of the volunteer opportunity.  For this reason, we still recommend setting the registration cutoff to their default value of 1 so that registration is cutoff 1 hour before the opportunity starts.

Note: Registration cutoff hours must be a whole number.  It is not possible to set a cutoff to .5 of an hour.

Kiosk Time Zone options improved (HOC3- 10244)

When Activating the Check-In Kiosk, you have the option to select the Time Zone you are using the kiosk in.  The list of time zones has been updated to match the time-zones as they are listed in Salesforce. This should make it easier to find the correct time zone for organizations using the kiosk across multiple time zones.

Kiosk - users not asked to check out (HOC3-10277)

We had received reports of cases where users of check-in kiosk, with check-in / check-out enabled, were not being asked to check-out if they used the kiosk again after checking in.   Improvements have been made so that a checked-in user always has the option to check out.

If you experience any scenarios in which a checked in user does not have the opportunity to check-out, please open a support ticket.  We want to make sure the check-out option is always displayed when appropriate.  Hopefully this recent fix picked up the scenario in which this wasn't happening.


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