Sept, 2017 Release Notes

This month's release has a number of behind the scenes improvements to make it easier for future development of the HandsOn Connect platform. We've improved the process for migrating to HOC 3.0 and are paving the way to make HandsOn Connect fully lightning compatible.

Admin Alert: CMS tab (for HOC 3.0 users) now opens CMS in a separate tab. One time action needed!

In order to make the HOC 3.0 CMS compatible with the Salesforce lightning interface - and as a general improvement -- clicking on the CMS tab in Salesforce will now open the CMS in a separate tab.

You'll see the following message when you click on the CMS tab:

Depending on the browser you are using and its settings - you may have to grant your browser permission to always display the content of the pop-up page.  Here's how to do that in Chrome:

You'll briefly see a message in the URL field in your browser saying "Pop-Up Blocked" and then you'll see a little icon with a red dot on it:


Click on the icon to get the details of the blocking.

Select:  "Allow allow pop-ups from ......." and click "Done".  Then click on the CMS tab again.  This time the CMS will open in a separate tab in your browser!

Once you've allowed the pop-ups for your Salesforce site - the CMS will always open in a new tab, making it easy for you to access both the CMS and the Salesforce back end at the same time.  To leave the CMS, just close the tab its opened in (since you'll already have the admin site open in its original tab!)

Bug Fix: Error when clicking on name of an organization in the Volunteer Opportunity (HOCAVV-1004)

HOC 2.0 users were getting an 'authorization required' page when clicking on a partner organization's name on the Volunteer Opportunity Page.   This has been corrected.  Clicking on the organization link will take the user to the organization's partner detail page on the public site.

(Pilot) Check-In Kiosk support for QR code check-in (HOC3AVV-992)

Users of the Check-In Kiosk will be able to optionally enable the printing of a check-in
Access Pass"which will include a QR code that can be scanned as an alternate method of checking in volunteers.

A new field, "Enable QR check-in" is now available for the occurrence object.   If you're using the check-in kiosk, and wish to enable QR check-ins for an occurrence, add the field "Enable QR Check-in to your occurrence page layout as shown here:

When you check this field in an occurrence - volunteers will be able to print out a QR code that can be scanned as a way of checking in volunteers in conjunction with the Check-In Kiosk.  Full details on working with the 'Access Pass' and its QR code will be published in the coming week.  Documentation on using the QR code will be published here.


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