HOC 3 Release Notes (August 9, 2018)

This release has the usual under-the-hood improvements to performance, along with some simple but welcome improvements to the user experience on the public site and in the sharing portal.

Public Site: Improvement to form for submitting Recurring series of dates for Individually Scheduled Opportunities (ISO) with Schedule. (HOC3-7051)

When expressing interest for multiple connections to an ISO with schedule on the public site, the user first enters the days of the week and times they wish to volunteer - and then the Start Date / End Date of the recurrence.

Previously, the Start Date and End Date fields were pre-populated with Today's Date (as the start), and the Occurrence End Date (as the end) and people often submitted the form not realizing they were using these broad, pre-populated dates.  Additionally troubling was, that if the opportunity didn't actually start allowing signups until a later date -- entering today's date.  

To make sure that volunteers actually CHOOSE which dates they'd like to start and end - these fields are now left blank, requiring the user to fill them in in order to submit the form.  (today's date appears as a formatting tip in both the start date and end date)


Public Site: Improvement to process of signing up team members for an opportunity (HOC3-7340)

Sometimes, when a team captain is signing his team up for an opportunity, they might click the 'all' button and selert all the team members, and be unaware of just how many team members they are actually signing up.  To alert the team captain of exactly how many team members they are signing up, a new confirmation screen is presented to have the captain confirm exactly how many team members they are registering for the opportunity.

Sharing Portal: Corrected problem of accidentally sending multiple emails to one person (HOC3-1419)

Because one person can have multiple connections in the connections grid of a volunteer opportunity - a user sending email from the grid might accidentally select the same user multiple times. Obviously you don't want to send the same email to the user more than once, but previously you could easily, accidentally do this :-(

This is now prevented, and an error message clearly explains what you need to do to correct the situation.  

You can then clean up your selection of who to email to - and send the email without risking sending duplicates to one person.

Sharing Portal: Bug fix: When creating locations the 'special directions' field was being required (HOC3-7559)

A number of customers reported that after recent enhancements to the creation and editing of locations in the sharing portal, that the 'special directions' field had suddenly become required when creating locations.  This requirement has been turned off for all HOC Sharing portal users (it was accidently activated for some customers).  IF your organization, for some reason, does wants to require partners to include special directions as part of creating a location - please open a help ticket and we will turn this requirement on for you if you wish.  (Not all locations DO have special directions, so the requirement was unexpected and confusing to many).


(By the way - if you've not yet requested that the field allowing each location to have a clear "Name" be activated for locations created in the sharing portal - we highly recommend this quick improvement. (IT allows you to name locations by more than an address, such as "Sylvan Park" or "YMCA Building".   Just open a help ticket to request that the name field be activated in your sharing portal.   See details about the benefits of enabling the 'name' field for locations here:

Bug Fix: "You must be 13 or older. Why?" popup remained popped up (HOC3-7678)

During registration, if a user clicked on the pop-up that explained the age requirements for registering on the site - the pop-up would not go away unless you refreshed the page.  This has been fixed.  


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