HOC3 Release Notes (Nov 16 2017)

This release includes a number of improvements to performance and speed of HandsOn Connect, as well as improvements to the presentation of content in a number of HOC templates (the appearance of white lettering on a white background).  Improvements to search on mobile devices were also made.

Posting Statuses: Admin Speedup Required - If you have posting statuses with dates included.

About Volunteer Opportunity Posting Statuses:

The field "Posting Status" in the volunteer opportunity record is the easiest way to filter and find volunteer opportunities in the sharing portal.   The Posting Statuses that may be available for volunteer opportunities include:

  • This is approved and published for volunteers to sign-up.
  • This is approved and published for volunteers to sign-up with an invitation code
  • This is not published. There are no upcoming, active occurrences.
  • This is not published and has been submitted for approval.
  • This is not published (admin only)
  • This has been archived. Please contact your system administrator

The issue some HOC clients are facing:

In some instances of HOC, other posting statuses are showing up that make filtering to see published Volunteer Opportunities difficult.  Examples of posting statuses that should no longer be used:

  • We have approved your record and it was posted on (Date)
  • Your posting expired and was moved on (Date)

These statuses make it very hard to filter volunteer opportunities in the sharing portal.  So:

If you are seeing any posting statuses with dates, please make the following admin update to prevent this from happening in the future:

1. Go to Setup / Workflows

2.  Check the two workflows named "Auto Populate PostingStatus from Status"  (There is one for occurrences and one for Volunteer Opportunties.    

3. These two workflows should NOT be active.  If you see the word "Deactivate" that tells you they are currently active.  Click on the Deactivate button to deactivate these workflows.     (They will then read "Activate" which means they are not currently active"


4.  (Optional) Update your existing posting statuses to remove the 'dated' ones.

(You don't have to do this - but if you want to 'clean up' existing posting statuses for your partners to remove those with dates and replace with a standard posting status, here's what to do:

4a:   To do a bulk update of existing posting statuses, create a list view to find all the Posting statuses that contain a date and the word approved.   To do this create the following list view:`

This returns a list of any volunteer opportunities that have the posting status we wish to update.

4b:  Select all of these opportunities, and click on edit in the Posting Status column.   Set the posting status for all the selected records to "This is approved and published for volunteers to sign-up."      (Get the words exactly correct, as this is the default filter used in the sharing portal, which indicates which opportunities are published on the public site")

This is approved and published for volunteers to sign up."
Click to copy

4c:   Now edit your view, and look for the opportunities with posting statuses that contain the word"expired"  and whose Volunteer Opportunity name does not contain "Self-Reported"    (because self-reported opportunities cannot be edited)

This will give you all the dated "expired" opportunities that you can edit.

Update all the records to change the posting status to "This is not published. There are no upcoming, active occurrences."

This is not published. There are no upcoming, active occurrences.
Click to copy

Now you will no longer have these 'dated' published and expired posting statuses cluttering up your filter in the sharing portal.

5. (optional) update the posting statuses of your occurrences if you like in the same way.  This will make filtering in the occurrence related list in the portal easier.

Go to the occurrence tab, create a new view to filter on any dated posted statuses in the occurrence records.  

Replace all occurrences with the posting status "Your posting expired and was moved on (Date"  with the posting status:  "This is not published. The Date & Time is in the past."

Bug Fix: Sharing Portal: Report Attendance (HOC3-4359)

Some HOC partners, when filtering or doing a search for connections on the "Report Attendance" screen, found that when they checked the 'select all' box - they were warned that ALL connections were going to be updated, not just those that displayed by the current search criteria.

This has been fixed, and now if you search, and 'select all' - you'll only be updating the found connections.  (The number of connections you are warned you will be updating will match the number of connections found in the search"

Here's a screenshot of the bug as it appeared for some.  Even though only 3 connections are returned.  When selecting the "all" checkbox - a warning tells you that 76 connections will be updated.  The select all should only update the 3 connections shown via the search.  This is now fixed.

U/I Improvement: Volunteer Registration Form - Date of Birth (HOC3-5110)

Filling in the date of birth field on the volunteer registration form is now required.  The default age that had been shown previously (which was the minimum age for a volunteer), has been replaced with helper text: Month, Day, Year.    

A registering volunteer must fill in these fields in order to register.

WYSIWYG block and editor more accurately renamed to "HTML Editor" (HOC3-5199)

The editor used for creating content in HandsOn Connect's CMS is actually an HTML editor, and not a true "What You See Is What You Get" display.  This is because HOC allows you to add .css and other content into the source code of your content, and your site design itself actually controls the actual color, size and fonts that your content will assume once published.  So the editor can only 'show you' what you're doing in the editor directly, and does not reflect how the content will actually appear on your site.

Nonetheless, the editor gives you good tools for quickly creating content and manage it without knowing any knowledge of html, css or other code.     What you are doing in the editor is creating html -- but the actual 'appearance' on the site will look different than what you see in the editor. Hence its not truly a 'What you see is what you get" editor.

When the content is saved and shown in the CMS - you'll see exactly how it will look!


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