HOC and (June 4 and June 18)

The  release was primarily internal work to set the stage for future enhancements.  There were also some user interface improvements to forms.  Improvements have also been made to the display of the calendar in Mobile. In 10.6 and and in the 10.7 release, fixes have been made to the scanning capabilities of the check-in Kiosk (for those using QR codes with the kiosk).   The 10.7 release also has internal improvements to the CMS.   Here are a few visible improvements and new features in these releases, including a major new Feature:  Virtual Locations for Virtual Opportunities/Occurrences.

(Beta)  Virtual Locations for creating Virtual Opportunities and Occurrences (HOC3-11842)

Since the arrival of COVID-19, there has been an increased demand for listing Virtual Volunteer Opportunities in HandsOn Connect. During the last 3 months, we've suggested a number of ways to leverage HOC to create Virtual Volunteer Opportunities, but they've all had drawbacks and were less than ideal.  They weren't automatically searchable, and creating 'virtual' addresses with zip code 00000 caused maps to nowhere to appear, and the listings of 'where' virtual opportunities took place, (such as Virtual, Virtual, 00000) in search results were less than ideal.

With this release we are introducing a beta of fully integrated Virtual Locations (for Volunteer Opportunities  and Occurrences) into HandsOn Connect.  

This new way of creating Virtual Locations allows the following:

  1. The ability to search  and/or filter for Virtual Opportunities in all our search and feature related blocks on your public site.
  2. The ability for partners to specify opportunities or individual occurrences as virtual, by having them take place at a "Virtual Location"
  3. The ability to create virtual locations and use the special directions field to specify instructions for how to join or participate in a virtual opportunity.

For full details on how Virtual Locations / Opportunities will work, please see these articles:

Participating in this Beta requires us to upgrade your instance of SF and your public site.  If you wish to start using this new feature, please open a support ticket and request 'Upgrade us to Virtual Opportunities".   By default we will activate this in both Salesforce (Volunteer Opportunity Wizard) and for your partners and volunteer leaders in the Sharing Portal.

If you only want this in SF (admin access), and NOT in the sharing portal - please state that in your request to activate Virtual Opportunities.  Thanks!

Also: Please read and indicate whether you want the feature mentioned in Option 2 here activated as well.

After the feature has been activated for you, and you've created one or more VIrtual Locations to use for your Virtual Opportunities, turn on the search filter for 'location type' on your search, calendar and/or search results pages as instructed in Virtual Opportunities on the Public Site.

When you start using this new feature we recommend:

1) Communicating to your partners using the sharing portal the new "Location Type" field, and its use.

2) Announce to your Volunteers how they can use the new search filters on your /search, /calendar or /search results block to search for Opportunities that are Virtual. This could be done via newsletter, or an announcement on the home page.

Check-In Kiosk Improvements. (HOC3-10727, 11790,

1.  The libraries used to allow QR scanning with the check-in Kiosk have been updated so that scanning works on desktop/laptop browsers.   For those using QR scanning here are the devices / browsers that are supported now:

  • Mac Desktop - Current versions of Chrome or Firefox.  (note: Not compatible with Safari)
  • Windows Desktop - Current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge. (Not compatible with Internet Explorer)
  • Android Mobile Devices
  • IOS Mobile Devices -- must use IOS AppHandsOn Connect Admin Kioskto scan volunteers for check-in. IOS will not support use of browsers for QR check-in.

2. A "start new check-in" button has been added to the kiosk failure screen with the message "Sorry, you are not registered..."   making it easy to return to the check-in page rather than waiting for the kiosk to self-refresh.

3. Improvements have been made to the Visual Prompts and error messages that appear when using the kiosk.  

  • Error Messages are displayed in a standardized format (in which the user must click to dismiss the error message, allowing sufficient time for the message to be read).  
  • Cancel buttons are available at several points allowing the user to cancel out of checking in if necessary.
  • Some headings have been bolded to make them more prominent.


Self-Reporting Improvement (HOC3-11760)

In some cases, depending on the time zone an organization is in, errors might result if you self-reported a connection that had taken place earlier the same day.   Now, self-reporting will work if you report a connection right after it has taken place.

Default Dates now appear when exporting form data in CMS (HOC3-11939)

Previously, when exporting data from forms in the CMS, the FROM and TO fields that define a date range were blank.  Now, by default exports will be set,  From = Today - 3 months and To = Today.  

Bug Fix: Forms not saving data to export file (HOC3-11960)  

It was discovered that in cases where a form was mapping SOME fields to Salesforce, but not mapping others, that the export file available in the CMS, was not capturing the unmapped fields.  This has been corrected.

Bug Fix to ARS:  Not all data being captured in some ARS circumstances (HOC3-11913)

It was discovered that some more complex uses of the ARS  (multiple pages with multiple forms) occasionally caused data to not synch with Salesforce.   This has been corrected.

Bug Fix:  Emails sent when granting partner access for organizations using Flex Model (HOC3-11870)

For those clients using the HOC flex model, where contacts for partners are not associated with their organization as their direct account relationship, there was a minor issue with the email sent when granting partner staff access.  It populated the merge fields of the email with their household account, rather than the account you had just granted them HOC access to via Related Accounts.   The emails will now specify the correct account they have been granted access to.

Bug Fix: Corporate page search for private opportunities (HOC3-11826)

Now that Invitation Codes can be used to create private opportunities at the Occurrence Level (instead of for an entire Volunteer Opportunity), we've adjusted the search mechanism used on business pages so that it will only bring individual private occurrences.  Previously, it was found that this special search page was returning all occurrences of a volunteer opportunity, even if only some of its occurrences required an invitation code.  This has been fixed.  Corporate page results, after entering an invitation code, only brings private occurrences, opportunities, and/or Volunteer Events.


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