November 2017 Release Notes

The November release has a number of small improvements that will make the transition to Salesforce Lightning easier in the future.  Here are the most important 'fixes' in this release:

Administrative Update Required: Update Email Template "Volunteer Status has been declined for Individually Scheduled" (HOCAVV-878)

A bad merge field exists in the email template "Volunteer Status has been declined for Individually Scheduled".   System admins are encouraged to update their email template to ensure that the merge field is properly populated:

To perform this quick update do the following:  

  1. In Salesforce, go to Setup > Administer > Communication Templates > Email Templates
  2. Search “Volunteer Status has been declined for Individually Scheduled” click on label
  3. Click over “Edit HTML Version“
  4. The merge field at the top of the email: {!Contact.Name} Must be replaced with:
Click to copy

Save.  And then select "edit Text Version' and use the "Copy text from HTML Version button".  Save again.

Corrected template will look like this:

Bug Fix for 2.0 premium portal users - Print Check-in Sheet and Answers Report fixed.

Some users of the HOC 2.0 partner and volunteer leader portals were experiencing 'page not found' errors when clicking on the occurrence record "Print Check-In Sheet" and "Run Answer Report" buttons.   This has been fixed and check-in sheets and answer reports will run as expected.

Bug Fix: Unable to edit volunteer opportunity description (HOCAVV-1047)

Some HOC 2 and 3 customers customers were experiencing a "URL No Longer Exists" error when attempting to edit Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions. This has been fixed.

Bug Fix for 3.0 users: New Team Contacts no longer receiving incorrect email (HOCAVV-1042)

In HOC 3.0 -- when team members were added to a team - they were receiving an email saying they had been registered on the public site.  This email will no longer be sent.  They will instead receive an email notifying them that they have been added to a team and that if they are not already registered, they can register on the site.


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