HOC3 Release Notes: 3.0.34 (Aug 23, 2017)

Our developer team has been working overtime fine-tuning new features, erradicating bugs, and making more 'under the hood' improvements.  Somehow or another they knocked out another release this week!  Here's the latest goodies!

Self-Reporting Improvement (HOC3-4218)

In the recent update to self-reporting, wherein users could search for the organization they volunteered with rather than scroll through a long picklist, a small bug was uncovered.   It was possible to type in the name (i.e. search) for the organization, but then neglect to select the organization.   When the organization was not selected, the first name of all the partner organizations was assumed to have been selected, resulting in the wrong organization being chosen.

This has been improved in the following ways:

1) The prompt to "search" for an organization has been updated to "Search and Select an Organization"  

2. If you search but do not select an organization, it will not automatically choose the first of your partner organizations, but display a message saying "Organization Name is required"

Image Management Improvement (HOC3-4245)

It's now possible to do the following when working with images in the new image picker:

  • Delete Images
  • Delete Folders
  • Rename an Image
  • Move an image to another Folder

This will make it easier for you to organize your images.

Be careful if you choose to delete an image.  If the image was being used on your site anywhere in the CMS or in opportunity description pages, you will see a broken image link on that page.

A better practice might be to create a folder called 'archived images' and MOVE your image there, just to be safe.  (There's no way for the image picker to know if you're actively using an image on the site.  So delete at your own risk)

And don't worry. Partners only have access to their own images. There is no way a partner can delete an image that is part of your public site CMS.  

Sharing Portal: Business Phone now available and editable for "My Organization" contacts.

The new "My Organization Contacts" list makes it possible to add and edit contacts associated with your organization.  We've added the field "Business Phone" to the contact record since that's more likely to be useful than the Home Phone.   Now all three phone numbers are visible.

All three fields will also be visible when viewing other contact records in the portal.

The Business phone of an organization contact will always be set as the primary phone, and is required for all organization contacts.

Kiosk: Check in now possible for private Volunteer Opportunities (HOC3-2471)

If you have volunteers who have connections to Private (Inivitation Code) Volunteer Opportunities - they will now be able to check in via the kiosk.

If you have guests enabled, guests will not be able to check-in for private opportunities.  Only those who previously signed up will be able to check-in.

Donation Processing: Improved Security (HOC3-4524)

Behind the scenes improvements have been made to ensure that full information from credit cards is not saved or recorded in any logs after a donation has been processed.

Date Picker Component updated to support multiple languages (HOC3-3430)

The date picker component used throughout HandsOn Connect now will appear in the current language / translation of the site.

Bug Fix: Correct help Text for logo upload on Partner Registration Form (HOC3-4327)

The logo image loader on the Organization Sign-Up Page had the wrong help text.  It has been corrected.


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