HOC and (April 24 and May 7)

These two releases are primarily minor bug fixes and improvements to existing functionality.  There are not a lot of user-facing changes that you'll notice.  The work in these releases include incremental work on features that may appear in the future including improved donation forms, and a few surprises coming in the next month (more on that later!).  Here's two small bug fixes in these releases:

Bug Fix: Not all grouped occurrences are visible when 'do not display full occurrences" is configured. (HOC3-11527)

Because grouped occurrences can be configured for signing up for all occurrences in a group - an exception has been added so that all occurrences in a group are visible (even if full).   In this scenario, if one occurrence has available space, then a user can sign up for that occurrence, and is still signed up for all the remainder of the occurrences in the group (which will, in fact, exceed the maximum attendance).

Note:  If you wish to have a volunteer only sign up for one occurrence in a group (because the others are full), you should ungroup that occurrence from the group, making it a non-grouped occurrence.  Otherwise, grouped occurrence signup behavior will be enforced.

Bug Fix:  Problems signing up for recurring self-reported connections (HOC3-11492)

A bug was found, and corrected, that prevented the signing up for a recurring series of self-reported connections, even when there was no conflict.

Note:  a user cannot self-report a connection that overlaps a connection of another opportunity they are connected to on the same date, now that HOC prevents a user from creating overlapping connections of two different Volunteer Opportunities.


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