March, 2017 Release Notes

The March 2017 release was issued to all customers on March 2nd, and fixed two regressions in previous behavior that appeared as the result of system  maintenance and improvements:

Remove me Button on Volunteer Accounts not appearing to work (HOC-875)

Volunteers, clicking on the 'remove me' link for an upcoming opportunity, were not seeing the connection removed.  (It was, in fact being marked as declined on the back end of the system, opening up the slot for others to sign up for), but from the volunteer's perspective the connection stilled appeared listed as 'upcoming'.

This has been corrected, and normal behavior of the 'remove me' button has returned.

Self Reported Hours not appearing on volunteer's Account Overview Page (HOC-852 and 881)

Volunteers were not able to see their self-reported hours connections in the self-reported hours grid on the Account Overview page.  Self-reported connections were still working, but the volunteer only saw a blank grid in the section labeled "Self-Reported Hours".

This has been corrected and self-reported hours once again appear in both the grid and in the printable volunteer history.


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