HOC 3.0 Release Notes - 3.0.15 (March 9 - 14)

Another advanced feature (Grouped Occurrences) has arrived in HOC 3.0 - along with an addition to the partner portal - "My Organization" and a number of improvements and bug fixes.

Organizational Info can now be viewed and updated in the Partner Portal (HOC3 -2285, 2301...)

Partner Portal users now have the ability to view and edit their organization's information on the new "My Organization" page in the sharing portal.

You can quickly see if your info is up to date by viewing the page, and edit the address, mission statement, and update your logo by clicking on the Edit Button.

In this weeks' release, the edit button only works for the organization's primary contact. In the next release, we'll be making the ability to update organizational information available to all partner staff for your organization.

New:  The Mission Statement field is now 'rich text' - which means that it will support line breaks, paragraph breaks, and formatting.  This gives partners the ability to edit the information they originally submitted on the registration form, and make it more detailed and attractive!

Grouped Occurrences (HOC3-221 & 1937)

HOC3 now has support for Grouped Occurrences.

Grouped occurrences are not enabled by default in HandsOn Connect, but are now supported if enabled by your system administrator.

Grouped Occurrences allow users to have volunteers sign up or express interest in a series of occurrences as in one step. They can only be associated with Date & Time Specific volunteer opportunities and all the occurrences in the group must be associated with a single volunteer opportunity.

See this article on how to enable grouped occurrences if you need this functionality in your instance of HandsOn Connect.

See this article on how to use grouped occurrences once enabled on the back end by your system administrator.


Back button not working from Opportunity Detail Page (HOC3-2043)

When going from the search page or calendar page to the detail page of a specific opportunity - the back button in browsers was not bringing you back to the search page you had been on.

This has been fixed.

Search displaying wrong hours for opportunities

It was discovered that a previous search fix inadvertantly caused the start time of occurrences appearing in search to be displayed in GMT instead of local time.

This has been corrected and time search once again displays correct start time based on your organization's time zone.

Search problems for organizations with punctation in their name (HOC3-2056 and 2170 and 2333)

The search results for "View all opportunities with this organization" were innaccurate in cases where the organization name had a comma or apostrphe or other punctuation mark in their organization name.

This has been corrected and now organization names can include punctuation marks without consequences.

Prerequisite bug related to one prerequisite used for many opportunities

It was discovered that the newly implemented prerequisite functionality (from the last release) had a bug when a single opportunity was the prerequisite for multiple other opportunities. After signing up for the prerequisite opportunity, the user was directed back to the wrong original opportunity.

This has been corrected and prerequisites will now function as exepcted.


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