HOC Release (Oct 3, 2019)

This release features internal improvements to better support multi-lingual sites, improvements to branch logic in forms,

Forms/ARS: Improvement to user interface for picklists, multiselect, and radio buttons (HOC3-6880)

Previously, when defining picklist values in a form, you had to enter each value as a separate entry. The interface has been streamlined so you can now enter all values at once (separating each value with a carriage return.  This makes for faster and easier entry.  (This also makes it possible to 'paste' in a list of picklist values all at once.)

Additionally, the English values are initially filled in for other language(s), so that there are no blank values. (You can then translate and update the list to the appropriate language).

ARS Branch Logic improvements for Volunteer Registration (HOC3-9887)

New branch logic conditions available for Volunteer Registration ARS. You can branch based on the contact that is registering if a contact with that email already exists, or a contact's email address already has login credentials.

Search Results Block pre-filter improvements (HOC3-9993)

The search results block now offers the same pre-filters as the feature opportunity block, for those who want to limit the search results for that block.

Sharing Portal: Connections Grid Column can now be configured to show Occurrence Name (HOC3-9994)

For those who are using 'occurrence names' in the sharing portal, its now possible to show the occurrence name in the connections grid that appears in the portal.  To request visibility of this column, please open a support ticket and we can enable this column for you.,


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