HOC April 2022 Package Release (May 12, 2022)

This update to the HandsOn Connect application found in Salesforce has been pushed out to all customers during the week of May 9 - 12).  It includes  minor bug fixes and improvements in error handling, some cosmetic improvements and a few welcome new features. It also makes updates to ensure continued compatibility with SF updates to its API versions of Apex Classes.

Optional System Administrator Speedup: Ability to add rich text to Mission Statement field in Organization Record (HOCSF-1735)

The field "Mission Statement" in the Organization (Account) record, is a long text field and cannot be changed.  But this has limited one's ability to make an organization's  Mission Statement on the Organization Profile pages to text only.  It hasn't been possible to put in styles, images, and links.  It hasn't even been possible to put in paragraph breaks :-(

To remedy this, we've created a new lightning component that can be added to the Organization (Account) page, to allow use of the Salesforce lightning-input-rich-text component that will create rich text content in this field.

Steps for System Administrator to enable this new functionality:

To enable the new richTextFormatter lightning component:

  1. From SF > Lightning Mode > Select an Object record to which you would like to enable the  richTextFormatter lightning component, in terms of this example we will use an Account (Organization) record.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right > Click “Edit Page”
  3. From “Components” panel > Custom - Managed
  4. Drag RichTextFormatter and drop the component to the page area where you want to make it visible.   In our example, I'm placing the component just above the details part of the page layout, but you could place it on the sidebar instead if you'd prefer.
  5. Define the configurations for the RichTextFormatter component
    1. Label: The label to be shown for the field.  [Example: Mission Statement Rich Text]
    2. Help Text (optional): The help text to be shown for the field.
    3. Field Name (API Name): Make sure to set the exact API Name of the field to be used, this field can be a Text Area or a Text Area Long. [HOC__Mission_Statement__c].
  6. Save changes
Tickets and Travel — Gmail Troutco (Imap)

Now, when you click on the edit field for this new component, the Salesforce rich text editor will appear and you can create rich text for that field.  After saving it, it will auto-update the field "Mission Statement" with its html equivalent, which will then make the Mission Statement on the home page nicer looking and more flexible!

Tickets and Travel — Gmail Troutco (Imap)
Tickets and Travel — Gmail Troutco (Imap)

While this component was designed specifically to create rich text for the Mission Statement field, you can use this same component to create rich text for any other long-text field in Salesforce.

Optional System Administrator Speedup: Add Volunteer Opportunity Name automatically when creating new connections from occurrence (HOCSF-1597)

When you are on an occurrence and want to add a new connection to it, Salesforce automatically populates the Occurrence ID, but leaves the Volunteer Opportunity name blank (forcing you to search for it):

Notification Center

This has been a long-standing small frustration for those of us who frequently administratively create connections. Now, with a simple administrative speedup - you can add a new button which will automatically populate the Volunteer Opportunity name when you click on New Connection from the occurrence .  Here's how.

Steps to add Button to Occurrence Page Layouts

  • Click the gear icon on the top right corner
  • Select "Setup"
  • Click the "Object Manager" tab
  • Select "Occurrence" (HOC__Occurrence__c)
  • Click Page Layouts in the left navigation
  • Select the Page Layout where you want to enable the "New Connection" button
  • Scroll down to the Connections (Volunteer Connections) related list
  • Click the wrench icon
  • Click the + to expand the Buttons section
  • Uncheck the box for New
  • In the Custom Buttons section, move the "New Connection" button to the Selected Buttons column
  • Click OK
  • Click Save


Notification Center

To use this.  Go to the occurrence you wish to add a connection to.  Click on the Volunteer Connections (Connections) related list.  You'll now see a "New Connection" button.  Use this, instead of the "New" button.  When you do, the connection created will already have the occurrence ID AND the Volunteer Opportunity Name filled in for you!   Yay!

Notification Center
Notification Center
Adding the field "Occurrence Name" when creating Recurrences (HOCSF-1692)

By default, the field "Occurence Name" is not available when creating recurrences.  The reason for this is that each occurrence would wind up having the same, rather than a unique, 'occurrence name'.   However, some HOC users now wish to have the same occurrence name for each occurrence in a recurrence, and this has required going into each occurrence individually to add that same occurrence name to each.

If you wish to be able to create recurrences where the same Occurrence Name is filled in for each created occurrence, please open a support ticket and we can enable this functionality for you.  It will add the field 'occurrence name' to the recurrence page layout.

Bug Fix: Ability to update an agency partner's email/username (HOCSF-1712)

When updating an agency partner's email address, users often get an error message if that email is also associated with that organizations self-reported volunteer opportunity (a record that a user cannot edit).   We've improved the validation rules regarding Self-Reported Opportunities so that changing an agency partner's email address will no longer result in an error.  


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