Release Notes - April 2019

The April release contained small improvements and bug fixes to the core HandsOn Connect package (i.e. the way things operate in Salesforce).  Here's the most notable improvements:

"Overview' components no longer profile dependent (HOCAVV-1214)

The Visualforce components on many HOC objects such as volunteer opportunities, occurrences, and recurrences, have links to 'publish' or 'approve' records (so that they are published to the public site).  However, the publish and approve links were only visually accessible to users with either System Administrator or Staff profiles. (the original two HOC-based profiles).

As more and more HOC users do more things in Salesforce - more and more profiles are being created (or pre-existed the use of HOC), and the limitation of seeing these links to just two profiles became problematic.

As of this release - these links are no longer profile-dependent.  So any user with a profile that has access to the object and its page layout - will be able to see and use the publish or approval links.

New fields added to support team / account relationship feature (HOCAVV-1219)

Two new fields have been added to HOC objects to support the new option for creating teams via account lookup.  See this documentation that describes the feature, and the rules governing these two new fields:

Object: Volunteer Team
New picklist field:  Type of Group

Object: Accounts (Organizations)
New checklist field:  Use for Team Creation


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